Mark Mesmo


Dear Max,

It is twelve months ago almost, since I was in the studio chatting with Maurice before I left for these parts, and I hope that by this time in 1953 I will be back in England and close enough to visit you some more. I

am keeping the magical flag flying by doing shows for the boys who come here for battle training, it gives them a break and me practice so everyone is happy: I have done one show for an audience of Jap men, women, and children, that was an effort because I was unable to put over any of my little stories, in other words a silent act with lots of mime actions. They seemed to like it so why worry. Being out in the wilds of japan it is impossible to buy, beg, borrow or steal Christmas Cards, so I hope the enclosed treasury note value 1 Yen (something less than a farthing) will be accepted by you and the club members as a means of passing on to you all the seasons greetings from this lone member in far away japan. It's not much but you can be sure the thought is there, and once more I say when the next greetings are due I hope to be there in person Best wishes to you all and may the club go from strength to strength.

Cheerio now, Yours Opti(mystic)ly,



Pte. Beharre'll.R.

Dear Sir,

Received with thanks all goods ordered and I must put in a word for "Funny Funnel", we have had a very laughable time in the barrack room since it arrived.

I would also like to thank you for the expert way in which all the tricks were packed.

Looking forward to my next transaction.

Yours faithfully,

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