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Points about Eastern Make-up.

1. Go easy on the biack, a very little goes an awful long way.

2. A made-up chinpiece and moustache is best, but one made of crepe hair can save you a lot of money. Paint the spirit gum on the face in the shape you require. Press the teased-out crepe hair on with a damp towel and then trim with a pair of scissors.


Cfown Make-up.

(a) Mark the coloured shapes on the face.

(b) Apply No. 20 groundwork, carefully avoiding the coloured shapes.

(c) Apply white powder liberally.

(d) Dust off surplus.

(e) Go over co'oured shapes to brighten.

(f) Go round edge of shapes with a very thin black line.

Points about the Clown's Make-up.

1. Don't try to draw the shapes over the white base.

2. Use plenty of white powder.

3. Use intensive colours.

4. Make your clowns the jolly sort, not miserab'e.

magic for /AILIL


I Have Your Number—This is a very neat impromptu show with matches. Just follow the instructions first, and you wi'l be told the secret later. Hand a box of matches to a person and ask him to take an equal number of matches in each hand, any number from four upwards. He is to do so secretly. You take and conceal six matches in your right fist. Then he is told to p'ace four matches from his left fist into his right fist. Then he is to replace one match from his right fist info his left. When all this has been done, you extend your right f st to him, and tei! him to take the matches you have in his right hand. Now announce that both his hands contain the same number of matches. When he opens opens them, he will find that this is so.

To repeat, you tell him to take an equal number of matches in each hand as before. Now instruct him to put three matches from his left into his right hand, and replace two in his right hand from his left. This time, you have two matches concealed in your own hand, and you tell the victim that by adding the matches in your right hand to those in his !eft, you have a number equal to those in his right hand.

Now for an explanation of the working. The above moves may appear a little complicated , but if you go through them again you will see that you have simply asked your victim to transfer from his left hand into his right a number that is half the quantity of the matches that you have concealed.

This little trick was shown to me by a midd e-aged friend, Mr. John Chia, who had learnt it when he was a boy. I have never seen it in print, and think it a better one than the well-known "Mafchstick".

The Long Match.—This is an amusing table stunt in which you challenge anyone to burn a match so that its ash, or rather charred remains, is longer than the original match. To do it, you must use the kind of match which leaves a charred stick after burning, and does not smoulder into ash. Light a match, and after the head has burned clear insert the head in one end of the matchbox, which is gently c'osed so that the head is held firmly. Now pull the still burning match gradually, and you will be surprised to see the burning part lengthen gradually. When the flame nears the end you let go, and let it burn up the whole match. With a little practice, you can leave an ash one and a half times as long as the original match.

I discovered this pecularity of a burning match by watching one closely. I saw it twisting this way and that, and in trying to find out the reason for this I discovered that at the time of burning the wood was rendered plastic by the heat! Just try this and have some fun.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians

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