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Menfafists are always on the look-out for clean cut methods of reading the mind of a spectator. This routine I do not guarantee to be out of this world, but at least it does get your audience guessing.

On your table you have three packs of cards. One is a normal pack of playing cards, another is a Lexicon Pack and the third is a Name Pack, that is, a pack containing cards showing various names. Also lying handy is a packet of envelopes.

Spectator is invited to select any of the three packs, and, with back to audience and yourself, to take out any card and memorise it. The spectator is then asked to place it face down on your left hand, making sure that you cannot see it. It is then requested that the pack be placed on your right hand, and both hands are then placed behind the back.

Immediately you transfer the chosen card to the right palm, and under some pretext hand the pack back to the spectator, asking that it be glanced through to ascertain that the cards are all different. You try at this stage to glance at the chosen card and immediately replace the hand behind the back.

Again with a gesture of the right hand, indicate the envelopes on the table, asking the spectator to choose one, and by now you should have glanced at the card and know all that is necessary.

Return the right hand behind the back, replacing the card in the left hand, turn round and ask the spectator to take the card from you and place it in the envelope chosen.

From here on you concentrate, etc., using the usual build up for this type of effect, finally naming the card.

I have used this hundreds of times, often in front of magicians and none of them have caught on to it, until after a few tries, If you cannot glimpse the card at the first attempt or even the second, you can always point to the spectator, indicating that he or she should stand in a certain place, thus enabling you to point again with the right hand and gaining another chance to catch a sight of the card.

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