Magnetic Harmony

The secret of this depends on a subtle principle which is quite original. No digital manipulation or memory involved. A complete card act that involves two spectators . . . and they do most of effects.

Effect ONE : Two peopie assist. You write two messages and hand out. The two persons then select a card each. The messages when checked prove to be the names of the selected cards.

Effect TWO : ANY PERSON TAKES ANY CARD OF HIS OWN CHOICE OUT OF PACK and hands to magician. Magician writes the name of another card on th's. The message card is then replaced in pack and lost. When the helper divides pack into halves at any point he likes and dea's from both packets together . . . the card that turns up at the same time as the message card proves to be th'e one predicted by performer !

Effect THREE : Assistant picks up any magazine out of many or may use his own. The magazine is opened to a page and a line read in secret. You immediately know what he read. The choice of page and l!ne made under verv fair conditions.

Effect FOUR : Spectator cuts pack into halves. One half is placed in another person's pocket. After the first part is out of sight and control, performer removes one card from the remaining packet. When the first packet is examined the matching card of -the one removed is found REVERSED !

Effect FIVE : WHILST PERFORMER IS GENUINELY BLINDFOLDED OR DEPRIVED OF HIS VISION BY SOMEONE PLACING HIS HANDS OVER HIS EYES a volunteer takes out two match'ing cards from pack, say the two red 5's. While still blindfolded the rest of cards placed on performers hand, and he extracts the other two matching cards of like value i.e. the two b'ack 5's. This is but one of the astounding things of this effect. NOTE PERFORMER IS NOT TOLD THE VALUE OF THE FIRST PAIR EXTRACTED, YET HE MATCHES IT ! f

No fa'se moves. No sleights, no gimmicks, no trick cards. Everything perfectly fair.

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