I think that the majority of readers of the "Magic Magazine" wili agree that the 'Good Night' banner is one of the finest pieces of magical apparatus ever invented. It must have been used by hundreds of magical performers as a finish to their act, and I suppose that most conjurers have always looked upon it simply as a finishing item.

Seeing it performed some years ago it suddenly struck me that it could be made info a grand OPENING item, and one that would not only get a big laugh but also get the magician on immediate good terms with his audience.

Instead of the usual words 'Good Night' on the banner, I substitute a picture of a large glass of beer. The presentation was to the effect that I had discovered that I could read the thoughts of any member of my audience, and indicating a gentleman sitting in the front row, I asked him to think as hard as he could of his favourite subject or hobby.

The 'Good Night' banner was then shewn back and front, and with a remark to the effect that his thoughts were coming through, the banner was shaken to disclose the Glass of Beer ... HIS THOUGHTS. A sure laugh and a big hand.

For an all male audience, instead of a picture of a glass of beer, there could be substituted a picture of a girl in a Bikini. I do not think that I need say anything further on this idea except that many other subjects can be used for special audiences. A LARGE fish for a Fisherman's Dinner ... a LARGE cup for a Football Club dinner, etc., etc.

The figures on the banner can be made from coloured ribbon or figures cut out from the silk scarves which are now so popular. The who'e point is that the figures should be as colourful and bold as possible.

The magi who uses this item will never leave it out, he has always something new and topical.

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