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LESTER SHARPE called >n at the Studio recently. He reported having had a very successful six months tour of the East including Egypt and India. Whilst in India he met many members of the Indian Magic Circle, including the fabulous Eddie Joseph, and he says of him, that he is without any doubt at all, one of the cleverest and most original magicians he has ever seen.

EDDIE JOSEPH incidentally will appear in person at the Abbott Annual get-together this year, at Colon, Michigan. He is travelling all the way from India with his wife and daughter to feature in lectures and demonstrations of his own miracles, and so far as we know, this is the first time he has ever left his native country. Good luck Eddie for a successful trip.

PERCY ABBOTT* the largest manufacturer of magical apparatus in America, has shown his enterprise and terrific energy in organising this affair again this year, after two years lapse. We think it is largely owing to popular demand, and the unique features make it different from all other Magic Conventions in the World. Owing to the fact that Colon, Michigan, is just miles from anywhere, and is only a tiny village, Percy erects a "big top" and holds all his shows and demonstrations inside, before hundreds of people. A running buffet supplies the needs of the guests, and we certainly envy American Magicians who have the opportunity of going to the Convention, and inspecting the Abbott Plant.

EDWARD H. GRAVES, popular editor of the Magician's Page in the "World's Fair," is a'so the President of the Preston Magic Circle. We would like readers to note that a report in a circular sent to members of the Vampire Club some little time ago mentioned in error that this position was held by Martini, whereas in fact the latter gentleman, who is actually Mr. A. Smithson in private life, is really the President of the Preston Society of Magicians. Our humble apologies are offered to both these gentlemen. Incidentally we hear that Mr. Craves has been in very indifferent health lately, and we sincerely hope that he will get stronger in the coming warmer months.

JAC OLTEN from Nice (France) was back again and telling us he had just returned from engagements in Greece. Owing to the present laws, it is very difficult to get the money out of the country. Also in Pakistan he says that they take half of all you earn in income tax! Obviously by the time you have paid expenses and fares you are no better off for going. Magicians who intend to fulfil contracts abroad should take great care to find out all the snags before signing contracts. We remember when he was going, how he waited in London for weeks for a promised visa from Pakistan. Some foreign countries are not so well organised as ourselves ! !

KALANAG reports very good business everywhere, and has many return dates in the north within a short time of his previous appearance. We saw his act again at Shepherds Bush Empire, and what a superb show it is. Beautifully dressed, carefully produced, and splendidly presented. Kalanag himself is a master showman, and has a superb sense of stagecraft. The magic was interspersed occasionally w:th troupes of dancers, and we must say that even these girls were much above the average in precision, style and beauty. A wonderful dancer with live 15 foot pythons adds a dramatic note, and the show includes the original vanish of a Standard Model Hillman Saloon Car on a fully lighted stage ! ! Incidentally Kalanag has been featuring the Vampire "Instant Freeze" liquid to ice cream trick in his bar act for many months now, and he is very fond of it. Having just acquired the "Dimin-Uendo" Diminishing Liquid Effect, and Max Andrews "Flowering Bouquet," no doubt we shall see these featured in the near future. Incidentally, Kalanag and Jac Olten had not met since early in the War, although they corresponded frequently, until Jac went to see him at Lewisham recently. Jac told us that when he was a prisoner of war in Germany, during the occupation, he was working cleaning streets, when he managed to send a letter to Kalanag by posting it unseen by his guards. Kalanag at once set the wheels of officialdom in motion, and eventually Jac was released, though obliged to live in Berlin, and not return to France under pain of severe penalties. Kalanag took him in and sheltered him in his own house, being entirely responsible for his upkeep for a very long time.

MR. BROWNING, member of the Vampire Club, recently had a very bad fall and severely cut his head, necessitating several stitches. He is not able to undertake any engagements at the present time, and we feel sure that all members will join us in wishing him strong and well again very soon.

The DEVON MAGIC CIRCLE are holding the'r Second Magical Week-End at Bideford on May ISffoj 17th and 18th, and it promises to be a most enjoyable affair. The Royal Hotel has agsin been chosen as the H.Q. Hotel, and as accommodation is strictly limited, readers who intend going are advised to reserve accommodation as soon as possible. There will be a Dealers Displays, Shows, Close Up Sessions, etc., and a Souvenir Programme where anyone may insert greetings panels for a small fee.

We intend to be there and look forward to greeting all our friends in the West of England again. Good luck to you all and our best wishes for a very successful meeting. Incidentally, all enquiries for information regarding this event should be sent to Edwin, The Magician, 31, Clifton Street, Bideford.

GOODLIFFE is once again sponsoring another Jamboree under the auspices of his weekly magazine "Abra". It will take place in Birmingham, from Friday, the 25th April to Sunday, the 27th inclusive, and several interesting features are promised. There will be a Dealers' Exhibition (needless to say Max Andrews will be there with his usual large display of "Vampire" Products'). Also two big shows are planned, star features, impromptu sessions, etc. From our experience of the first occasion on which a Jamboree was held, magicians are in for a thoroughly good time, and we hope that by the time this appears in print, most of intending registrants will have already booked. However, for the benefit of those who may like to have details, the headquarters hotel is the Imperial, and others nearby are the Queens, Grand, and Midland. Full details can be obtained from Goodliffe, 6 Colonnade Passage, Birmingham 2

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