OCTOBER 3rd. to 8th., 1955

Photo Block kindly lent by H. Clarke, (Magic Circle).

Once again it is Magic Circle Week, and the stars of magic are gathered together for the entertainment of the public . . and the magicians as well. Obviously any public show of magic will always have a lot of magicians in its audience and thus it was that one was able to see so many old and new friends around.

It was a varied bill, with several Continental acts, and the feature opening was bravely undertaken, as in previous years, by John Young. A tremendous figure of a man, painted from head to foot in goid paint, with flickering fire lights playing on him, he impersonated the Devil, and gave a fine oration.

"Dorny" as the famous Werner C. Dornfield is popularly known to his friends, next made his appearance. His role was as "Master of Ceremonies" so he informed us, that being the U.S. version of our compere. After a few gags he introduced Ram Das and Kim with their Fire Eating Sun and Moon. Lota Vases and other Eastern Tricks. This colourful costume act is always entertaining.

Next came Elizabeth Warlock, and she showed Silk Knotting, Beaker thro' Silk, Flower Trick, Card Fans and Production Drum with Silks to finish. Very charmingly presented.

Terry Hall — who was the Boy Ventriloquist, is now headed for stardom, and I can quite believe his advertising poster which states that at a Television test they thought it was trickery, so impeccable was his motionless technique. He offered his new and very extraordinary act "Lenny the Lion" and got a very big hand at the finish.

Tonny Van Dommelin in "Magic Gambling" presented his manipulative act with which he has scored marked success on the Continent. He juggles with large dice on the ends of his fingers in the same way as most magicians

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