Magic Stars

EFFECT—A card is displayed on which is written five numbers of four figures each; also five Stars are shown, on which are found repeated the five numbers; each is different in order. The Stars are placed in a Hat. which is then shaken. One Star is taken from the Hat, showing the blank side. A spectator is asked to name any one of the four numbers found on the List. When the number is chosen, show the audience that by sheer coincidence (?) it happens to be the one appearing on the Star which you took from the Hat. The Effect may be repeated as often as desired.

PREPARATION—First prepare a List on which is to be found five numbers, also five five-pointed Stars having a figure on four points only, this to represent one of the five numbers, see Fig. 13. There is also a sixth Star, Fig. 14, having a figure on all five points; with this Star it is necessary to cover one of the points with the fingers, thus hiding one of the figures. With this last Star vou can present any of the five numbers.

EXAMPLE—By taking hold of Point No. 5. the figures 1 , 2, 3, 4 are exposed by taking hold of Point No. 4, figures 5, 1, 2 3 are revealed, in fact, any of the five numbers can be produced by this Star, it merely depends upon which Point is held. When performing this effect, exhibit the list, and the five Stars only having four figures; the sixth Star, which has five figures, is concealed in the palm of the right hand. The size of the Stars will necessarily depend upon the size of your hand. After having placed the five Stars in the hat. pretend to look for one, instead of which the right hand goes into the hat and the concealed Star is brought out, but not exhibited yet. After the number has been named all that remains is to cover the figure not required with the fingers and exhibit the chosen number. On the back of the palmed Star there should be a pencil mark to indicate which point bears the Figure 1. so that the correct Figure is covered before the front of the Star is shown. If it is desired to repeat the effect simply pretend to return the Star to the hat, but instead palm it once more and you are ready to start again. PRESENTATION AND PATTER :

"Is there some gentleman who is particularly interested in figures? Now this gentleman doesn't look like a woman hater! Would you take a good look at these figures on this card, please. You will notice that each number consists of four figures which are the same, but in different order."

The card bearing the rows of figures is handed to a spectator.

"Would you kindly think of one of those numbers please."

The Stars are now shown and dropped into a borrowed hat and another spectator is requested to shake the hat in order to mix up the Stars

"Here are a number of Stars, five—not including me—to be exact. Each bears a figure on four of its points the other point being blank. You CAN see the point, can't you? Now having seen Stars—I should say—having seen THE Stars I wonder if there is someone who will kindly lend me a hat? Thank you, Sir. The Stars are now dropped into the hat and, perhaps, you sir will mix them up for me. Are you a good mixer? Would you just shake a leg—I mean—shake the hat. These Stars belong to a friend of mine who calls himself a meteorologist—he looks into a girl's eyes and tells weather! That's enough mixing, sir. Thank you."

Now take back the hat and look into it, holding it with the left hand, place the right hand in the hat and bring the concealed Star to the finger tips. Remove the hand from the hat, keeping the Star with the blank side upwards. Now turn the Star so that your fingers are covering the Po'nt bearing the Figure 1.

"Would you kindly let me know which number you chose, sir. 5, 1,2. 3. Thank you. Strange to say that is the number on this Star which I have extracted at random from the hat."

While the last few remarks are being u'ttered your fingers turn the Star so that the appropriate number is showing and the Star is reversed with the figures towards the audience.

"Would you kindly verify the number, sir. 5. 1.2. 3. It is the correct number? Thank vou.

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