Magic Of 1951


Magic is booming — or is it ? This controversial question certainly seems to be on everyone's lips these days.

In spite of the talk of money shortage everywhere, I can only say that I have had the most successful year since I started in the Magic business in 1938. Before that does not count! And since I rely for the greater part of my business, on the requirements of the semi-professional performer, it seems obvious to me that on the average he is doing well. This view seems to be borne out by personal confirmation from magicians who visit my studio from all over England, and indeed from all parts of the World.

Being situated only a stone's throw from Piccadilly has one advantage at least. I am easily accessible to all who pay a flying visit or merely pass through on their way to another destination. These visitors view with amazement and often awe, the tremendous array of magical apparatus available, and are very envious of their lucky British confreres who can buy almost any imaginable trick at short notice.

The following paragraph appeared in a local paper shortly before Xmas, and serves to illustrate the difference between what a magican does and what the audience think he does.

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