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Eric Wilson is a famous Inventor, Author, Magician, and his speciality is Children's Entertainment.

About forty years ago the majority of magical acts included in their programmes what to-day we would I suppose call "QUICKIES".

Many of our older readers will recall that wonderful "Untidy Maid" effect of Chris Van Bern's . . . the instantaneous change of a Maid's Apron to a large carpet broom, or the change of a Cigar Box to a Tray complete with Bottle and Classes put out by Will Coldston, and numerous other items of a similar nature.

This type of effect seems to have been neglected for many years, the only recent one of this kind being I suppose the "Stick to Silks". Now I personally am not a believer in this kind of effect being used as an opening item, to my mind they are over too quickly to be appreciated and I much prefer to present them as compere items or as breaks between more magical effects in a programme.

Here is a "Quickie" for the magical compere, a novel quick change useful for certain types of audiences.

Compere enters displaying a picture and patter as follows: " I would like to show you something out of the ordinary . . . this picture, it's ME! Now the remarkable thing about this picture is that when my girl friend saw it for the first time she said: 'What a Mug' (as these last three words are spoken the picture changes into a LARGE MUG!).

A very simple prop, and easy to make . . . a good laugh . . . what more can a compere want?

To construct:— Take a piece of fairly stiff and good quality, but thin white cardboard, size 6" by 12". Paste on one side of this a picture cut from thin paper, or better still get an artist friend to draw a humorous caricature of yourself on it. Now roll the cardboard, picture INSIDE, round a large tin. The tin should be of such a size that when the cardboard is round it there is an overlap of about two inches. Place several rubber bands round cardboard to keep it in position and leave for an hour or so.

While you are waiting make up a cardboard Mug Handle from thick white cardboard. Take the picture card off the tin and it will be found that the card if opened out and then

released will roll back into a large tube. Fasten the handle securely on the outerside of the picture tube just where the overlap is and at the TOP of picture end. The result looks just like a large mug.

To present: Open out the tube and hold it as follows. The right hand fingers go inside the handle with the exception of the first finger which curls over the top of the picture. The left hand holds the bottom of the cardboard thus allowing the picture to be displayed. All that is now necessary to effect the change is to let go of the bottom of the card and move the right hand first finger to behind or outside the card and into the handle, and there is the Mug.

The working is easily learnt with the prop, in the hands.

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