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lightly press the ring and magnet on the faked card) and say "THAT is your card" . . . and on again receiving your helper's emphatic "No" turn the hand over, the forced card clinging to the back of the hand and say, "WELL THIS IS!"

Another iea for using with this Ring fake is to makj up a Magic Wand of balsa wood or thin ca. Jboard with a small piece of tin let into it, and you have the Magnetic Wand effect ready at any time without the bother of fixing a thread.

While on the subject of magnets, here is a very amusing little gag. Put a small magnet in the outside breast pocket of your

ing the usual handkerchief in position after to keep it secure, making sure the handkerchief lies at the back, i.e. body side of the magnet.

In any effect in which a member of the audience is assisting you, and he has to use a pencil, give him a small one with a metal protector on it. When you take the pencil back from him casually place it against the coat (and magnet) and leave it there. The expression on your helper's face when he sees this is really worth while!

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