elisabeth van dyk by SUZY WANDAS

(Edited by Victor Farelli)

My mother, Elisabeth Steelandt was born in Brussels, Belgium, on the 7th December, 1885, and she was married to Charles Louis Van Dyk, a juggler and conjurer, professionally known as Charles Wandas. He was the owner of a big travelling theatre, and for many years he and my mother toured all over Belgium, Holland and France.

The principal part of the performance was given by themselves, but they sometimes engaged other artistes, including Philippe DeBischop who retired some years ago, and now lives in Brussels.

When still a small child, I helped my parents on the stage.

In March, 1921, my father died suddenly, leaving four young children, and as my mother did not wish to take the responsibility of managing the theatre by herself, she sold it as soon as possible. She then became a lady magician, and secured engagements all over Europe, including Scandinavia and some of the Balkan States. This would be about 1923.

Some years later, mother and I appeared as the Wandas Sisters. We had a fairly big show, and we carried our own draperies. In 1936, my mother decided to retire, and I carried on alone, always doing my best to improve my act and my technique.

In February th's year, the committee of the Magic Club of Antwerp made arrangements to install Madame Van Dyk as the "Dean of Belgian Magicians", and an impressive ceremony was to have taken place in which a medal and a dipfoma were to be presented to her. Members of the press were to report the function in all the principal newspapers.

Following her reception by the president of the Magic Club, Monsieur Kleynen, my mother was taken unwell, a doctor was called, and she was removed to the Stuivenberg Hospital in Antwerp.

A telegram was immediately sent to me at Nice, where I was then appearing, but although I arrived before my dear mother passed away, she was unable to recognise me.

The dare of her death was 10th February. There was a religious service on the 13th in Antwerp, and she was burTed in the family vault in Mont-Saint-Armand, near Ghent.

That was the end of the long and heroic life of a good woman and a devoted mother.

Additional Note. Madame Van Dyk and her daughter sent a generous contribution to the fund organised by Monsieur Maurice Sardina in aid of the veteran magician, Claudius Odin. To-day, Suzy Wandas is recognised—in Europe and in America—as one of the very best lady manipulators in the world. —V.F.


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I guess there are many lay people who now know the secret of the Eggbag, due to its cheap sale in stores, etc. The following version should fool the wise ones.

The bag is made without the pocket, a patch pocket of similar coloured and light weight material is sewn to the bag by running stitch and short tacks, a small bead or a knot affixed to one end. Go through the routine, and either use a Sterling Hank Egg throughout or switch, and when withdrawing the egg for the fast time, catch the end of thread and draw out thread.

An effective move to this end ¡s to bring the egg a foot or so above the bag and drop the bag in hand to your side, don't worry about the thread, it just loses itself. Replace egg in bag, tuck the pocket piece inside the egg, palm out the egg and throw the bag out for someone to turn inside out. One could on return find an egg in the bag and break same into a glass, us'ng the known feke or genuine egg. —ALEX McKEOWN.


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