If you want the laughs, if you want the folks in the aisle, if you want hysterics, then you have only to build up this routine exactly as it is printed here and you just can't go wrong. I have worked this on about a dozen occasions, from the village hall to the theatres and never missed the mark yet.

So that you can appreciate the humour in this I will give you the routine as the audience sees it.

The performer obtains the assistance of a small boy (best age about 11 years) from the audience. A cap is placed on his head, using an old jacket, (in my case I actually use an Alpaca Jacket), he is dressed in this, and finally he is given a nice long white apron. The jacket being too long, his sleeves are rolled to halfway up his arms.

The performer borrows a lady's ring, which is handed to the boy. An egg is shown, and the audience informed that the ring is to be vanished and eventually found in the egg. The egg is placed into a box which has been shown empty, and the ring is now placed under a handkerchief which the boy is asked to hold. A revolver is fired towards the boy and the hank, the latter is whipped away from the boy and the ring has apparently vanished.

The performer proceeds to the box and takes out the egg, asks the lender of the ring to listen, and she will hear the ring rattling inside the egg, while the performer shakes the egg, the audience listen but nothing is heard. The egg is handed to the boy while the performer apologises. He glances at the box, and discovers another egg ! This he rattles or shakes, but with no success, and it is handed to the boy. Still another egg is found in the box, no success, and again handed to the boy. Once more another egg is found, shaken and handed to the boy.

This continues until the boy has about seven eggs in his hands, but the performer continues to produce eggs without any success, and in turn hands them to the boy who is now TRYING to hold them, but naturally is not succeeding. The eggs start to fall and smash all over the place as the performer continues to chuck the eggs at the lad as fast as he can bring them out of the box. The fun is fast and furious, as the eggs are falling all over the boy and the floor. The more he tries to catch, the more he lets fall. The last egg has been produced, and still no success in finding the missing ring.

The performer now turns to the boy, sees the mess on the floor . . . looks at the boy and says, "Are you staying for Bed and Breakfast?" He now decides to open the eggs, or rather break them into a bowl which lies handy, he takes what eggs the boy has left and breaks them into the bowl, and starts to dig amongst the yolks, etc., but again without any success. He gives up and eventually after cleaning the boy up a bit, sends him off and proceeds into his next effect.

This is, in my case, the production of a live rabbit. Around its neck is a ribbon and hanging from this said ribbon is the missing ring. Success at last.

Now to the routine. Can you imagine anything funnier than a kid trying to hold about two dozen eggs in two hands, with them slithering to the floor with a final PLOP. This really gets the laughs. You have good magic and excellent comedy. The hardest audience are magicians, and first time I performed this in front of them, THEY actually laughed themselves sick.

What does one require you ask ? Well don't. I'll tell you here and now : one cap, one apron, one old jacket, one old piece of rug or matting, two dozen eggs, one hank with ring sewn in a corner, one blank shot revolver, one box of any type which can be shown empty, then produces the eggs. A small "Square Circle" is excellent. One glass bowl.

If you wish to produce the ring from the rabbit's neck on a ribbon, you will also require a small hook. Actually my rabbit is hanging in a bag at the rear of the table, the ribbon is hanging outside the edge of the bag, with the hook in position ready to receive the ring. However you may wish to produce the ring from a card, or a nest of boxes or have some other method of producing, then you will have to work out the method of loading the ring for yourself.

I detail the method of working as if for the rabbit finale.

The set up is that on the table you have the Square Circle at the front, at the rear of this you have the revolver. You can use a wand if you wish, but it must be there for your misdirection, also alongside is the hank with the duplicate ring. On another table is the glass bowl, and the cap, apron and jacket, with the egg inside the bowl.

The working of the routine is : A boy is coaxed up from the audience. The cap is placed on his head, next the jacket is wrapped and not buttoned around him, finally the apron is placed around his waist, making sure that it touches the floor so covering his shoes. He is made to stand just behind the piece of rug which you laid on the stage before the curtain opened up.

A ring is borrowed with all the gags you can think of . . such as "WAS it valuable madam?" "Have a good look at it IN CASE you see it again". The ring is laid on the palm of the boys hand in full view of the audience.

Next you show the egg, place this on the boy's hand. Now show the Box or Square Circle to be empty, take the egg and place it inside. Now pick up the hank, take the ring from the boy and put it under the hank, finger palming the ring. The boy is asked to hold the ring, actually the duplicate which he feels through the folds of the hank. Now tell him not to drop it, but to keep his eye on the lady who was good enough to give it away, sorry lend it to you.

Go over to the table and pick up the revolver, (or a wand if you prefer) and while you are picking it up, drop the ring on to the hook at the rear of the table with the other hand. You proceed to the other side of the stage, the revolver is fired, laid aside, and you now whip away the handkerchief from the boy.

The ring has apparently vanished and you take the egg out of the box or what have you, at the same time asking the audience to listen and they will hear the rattle of the ring. Naturally there is no rattle and you give the egg to the boy. Give your production piece of apparatus the "double look", spy another egg and with apologies to the audience that you must have tried the wrong egg. proceed to rattle it with no success. You hand it to the boy and go to the box and produce still another egg.

Now one thing must be mentioned here, the boy may get the breeze up, as has happened to me, for he is worried in case he drops any of the eggs. While the audience are laughing, you can humour the boy with odd asides so that only he can hear you telling him not to worry if he drops any.

Well you continue to produce the eggs and pile them into the boy's arms, if he finds that he is able to hold them, it is a simple matter to slap one of the eggs really hard on the top of the pile. This causes one or two to break, and the yolk slides gently down the others over the hands and drips gently onto the floor. What fun . . . what a mess but boy, are you going over big.

As you get to about the 10th egg, start iking faster, so that it is now impossible for the distant to hold and catch them as you more or iess chuck them into his hands. Now and again, take an egg out, do not look at the kid, but merely put your hand out as if expecting him to take the egg from you, and just let it drop.

After about 20 have been produced, you apparently fake notice that some of the eggs are lying on the floor (or rather, carpet) smashed, stop . . . look at the eggs on the floor, look at the audience . . . turn to the boy and say . . . "Are you staying for Bed and Breakfast?" This slays them, if that is the correct expression.

When you have taken the last egg out of the box . . . express regret at not finding the ring, and proceed to take the eggs the boy has left and break them one at a time into the bowl, peering into the egg and the shells looking for the ring. If you really want to go to town, stick your fingers into the "mess" looking for the missing object. All the eggs have been "searched" and still no ring.

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