Lighted Candles

Two Routines for Stage and Cabaret by CARVAN

My offering is a well-tested sequence with lighted candles. I have always found it an applause-winner in cabaret and music-hall acts.

The magician lights two candles standing in a candlestick, rolls a sheet of paper into a cone, and drops the lighted candles singly into the cone. He immediately crushes the package into a ball and tosses it aside. The candles have vanished !

You will have guessed that the 'candles' are merely paper shells. They should be 4" in length. You require some sheets of fairly stiff foolscap duplicating paper for these, some cotton wool, the requisite number of screw caps used on aspirin, or similar bottles. The 100 aspirin size are ideal as they fit shells of 1" diameter, (excellent for working in large Halls). A'so some stiffer paper and strips of tin.

Before making the shells, gum two paper fianges, using the stiff paper, to what is to be the inner portion of the shell, to the exact depth of the screw cap when this is fitted into the shell. Afterwards, roll your shells to size so that the caps can be inserted freely yet with a reasonable amount of grip. The flanges will, of course, prevent the cap from slipping downwards into the shell (see illustration).

Prepare the caps as follows: First, file away the lip at the hollow end until it equals the diameter of the remainder. Pierce the centres. Take a small wad of cotton wool, twist a portion of this to form a wick and push the latter through the hole to a length of about y. Next, fix the wad of wool into posifion inside the cap, with a strip of tin so that it grips the thread of the upper part of the cap securely at both ends.

Before performing all you have to do is to soak the cotton wool with paraffin (.don't overdo this) and insert the cap in the shell. Carry each 'candle' to the paper cone singly and turn the flame downmost as you pop it in. The flame is automatically extinguished and there is no risk of fire.

The cone, of course, is on the well-tried principle. It consists of two pieces of stiff paper of equal size, gummed together on three sides only, the open end forming the opening of the cone. When the cone is com pleted, the Right hand separates the two layers. If you are going to perform the above •trick as it stands, there is no need for the double sheets. It is explained here so that you may more readily appreciate the following variation in which it is necessary.

Screu; Cap

Paper flanges

Half section of- shell.

This time the magician takes a sheet of paper, displays it on both sides and rolls it into a cone. Taking two coloured silks he places them inside the cone which he immediately unrolls. The silks have vanished and the paper is shown both sides again. He then calls attention to the candles standing in a candelabra on his table. These are lit and, taking each candle singly, the magician places them inside the cone. Putting his hand inside, he withdraws each of the silks previously vanished, crushes the paper into a ball and fosses it aside. Picking up the coloured silks he gives them a gentle shake when the candles immediately re-appear.

The explanation, of course, is that the silks were placed between the "pocket" made by the two layers of paper, thus permitting the cone to be unrolled and effecting the vanish. When the performer drops the candles in the reformed cone, he places them in the other section and withdraws the silks from their "pocket", and places them on his table. He crushes the cone.

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