Only two weeks approximately after arriving in this country, the Great Levante opened his new edition of the "How's Tricks" Show at Tonypandy, in Wales, on May 24th. Readers may wonder at the selection of this spot as an opening venue, but we recall that it was here that Les Levante opened his show for the first time when in England some years before the War. We strongly suspect that he regards Tonypandy with affection, and as the place that will bring him the luck he had before.

All readers will join with us, we feel sure, in wishing him luck, and when the show comes round your way, be sure to go and see it. At the time of writing he will be in the Theatre Royal, Worcester on June 7th, New Cross Empire, June 14th, and then on to Manchester and Liverpool.

For those of you who are not members of the I.B.M. British Ring, we can tell you that the entire Levante Company, which includes his lovely daughter Esme as the star attraction has been booked to appear in Brighton on the bill of the Big Show at the Convention in September. Les was the man whose untiring efforts did so much to put the I.B.M. on the map in this country, and we should support him as much as we can, for he is a grand fellow, and always willing to talk to the 'ordinary' magician (as if magicians were ordinary anyway!)

Just before hat A is placed on the head the cards in that hat are switched so that the King is really placed in the ribbon of the hat.

At the final move the Ace is taken (back to audience from hat A, leaving the King there) and placed in hat B. The double card is lost in the pack. You are all set now for the finale.

Incidentally the double card—being thick —is easily located and palmed away if need be. Not only can the hats be examined before hand but also at the end, which proves extremely puzzling to the audience.

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