Lenz Tells Of Fire Through Water

By now, most of you must be thinking that the average Oriental is nothing more than a heretic. Well, most of us believe profoundly in things for wh.ch we have no explanation and are apt to label them as supernatural.

The experiment of setting the hay pyre on fire has a lesson to teach. The elements of fire and water are ruthless in more ways than one. Yet these se.f-same elements can both be made to c'ean, thus showing their duality. In the case we are considering, the priest used this knowledge to "cleanse" the sinners. Most of them were illiterate and on!y able to react to something visible; something they could see and thus believe.

The method is perfectly simple and well known to the average magician of the Western world. I doubt if many of you will have guessed that it was our o'd friend from Firebowl fame —a piece of metallic potassium, just try to realise how well this method was conceived to make people believe.

The metallic potassium is laid on the first pieces of corn and is not visible as it is only about the size of a grain of rice. The other corn and hay is laid thinly over the first, and so on. The priest then uses a bowl of water as the first element for cleansing. No, he does not pour it on but just sprink es the pyre. This small amount of water slowiy seeps through and eventually ignites the potassium. The corn and hay is perfectly dry and in a few seconds is burning fiercely.

The psychology used is unique. After sprinkling the water, the priest moves away and the chanting begins. As it takes about two minutes for the water to seep through, there is nobody near the pyre when it begins to burn. This makes it look like the miracle of the gods. Simple, isn't it? I hope you can learn a lesson from this—how a simple thing can be made to look supernatural even in a wor d that now has so many wonderful things such as Television and atomic waves.

And now I must tell you about one of my experiences whilst in search for magicians and their methods. It was in the hills that I came across a gathering of wild tribesmen and, knowing their Chief, I was invited to one of their ceremonies known as "the Day of Punishment." It was the custom that a stalwart with broad shoulders shou'd be chosen to bear the burden of his fellow tribesmen's sins. We were a'I gathered in an open space making a large circle, which in itself is a wel;-known omen.

The high priest then came out and drove his sacred Rod info the ground in the centre of the circle. He then offered up prayers and made signs around the Rod. The time came, and the stalwart was brought into the circle and instructed that, whatever happened, he must touch the Rod and that, if he did, the tribe would be saved. He was also to'd that he would have to undergo much pain and suffering before he completed his journey to the Rod. It certainly made me sit up and think what this pagan belief really meant.

The high priest or Guru then took two small twigs in his hands and asked the stalwart to begin his journey. Each time the stalwart took a step towards the Rod, the priest beat his twigs together and the stalwart reeled in pain. A whip mark appeared clearly on his arms, then on his legs, then on his chest; in fact all over his body as the twigs were struck together. Some of the wounds were deep and b'eeding. After a great struggle, half crawling, the stalwart reached and touched the Sacred Rod. Then he collapsed. At this sight, there was great rejoicing. The tribe was now saved.

I know you will find this difficult to believe; but I promise to give you the exp'an-ation. just be patient.

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