Len Allen

There may be some magicians who have never met or even heard of the personality adorning the front cover of this month's publication.

Let me take you out of your misery and introduce you to this extraordinary personality. It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce you to Len Allen, otherwise known as LENZ.

Let there be no doubt that Lenz does actually come from the Orient. He was born in India and he has travelled widely from a very early age. It was about 42 years ago that this magician to be was brought into the world of reality and from the early age of seven years he showed a keenness for the Art of Magic.

He recalls his early escapades mastering the technique of Houdini, and certainly realised from actual experience the many pitfalls concerned with this section of entertainment. Whilst at school, he was aided by his elder brother, who also showed a leaning towards escapology. His mother did all in her power to discourage him in his practice, but he carried on giving shows, and with the money he earned he built more apparatus. Later on his mother did become anxious as she did not want him to take up this art as a livelihood. Fate intervened, however.

Through his life he has been in many varied occupations but still carried on with Magic, which was now a real craze. His one desire was to come to England to meet the many famous magicians, and to further his knowledge. The only way he realised this desire was to join the Regular Army (The Royal Artillery), serve his time and then take his discharge in England, where he has now made his home.

He is known to all as a man of many parts, from 'Walking on Fire' to entertaining children, and lecturing on various subjects. His lectures on Oriental Philosophy, psychology, etc. show that he has made a deep study of the subjects he speaks about.

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