Latest Latex Production Items

CRAB.—Large life-sized crab in glowing colours. An unusual and amusing item to use at any time. Great for impromptu gags. Size 8". PRICE 6/9.

KIPPER.—This includes the fish head as well, and rolls beautifully for instant hand production.


WINE BOTTLE.—Full size. Very showy as á production item. PRICE 5/-

ICED CAKE.—Beautiful Birthday Cake in white with Decorative Pink Icing. Fools at even close quarters. To fit the 'Vampire' Dove Pans. (7"). PRICE 8/6.

BRICK (WHOLE).—Indistinguishable from the real thing and a timely gag to 'drop'. PRICE 7/6

ALARM CLOCK.—Any number of these can be produced and stood upright on the table A most effective item. PRICE 6/6.

- PLAICE.—Large flatfish of the usual variety— but so unexpected. (12"). PRICE 6/6.

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