Later Method Of Working

Towards the close of his professional career, Veneri devised a more elaborate routine, and used it in his drawing-room entertainments.

Giving three boxes and their corresponding lids for inspection, he borrowed three pennies, and asked for the assistance of a little boy and a little girl. One stood on his right and the other on his left, and each was supplied with a box, a lid and a penny.

Taking the third box and the remaining penny, the magician showed the young assistants how to insert the coins in the boxes . Of course, the children's pennies actually fell into their boxes, while the performer's coin, was dealt with as already explained.

The magician presented the trick as described in the text, and the children made many unsuccessful attempts to emulate him.

If desired, the performer could pretend that the boy had the "wrong" box and give him the one that he (the magician) had been using, having of course taken the precaution of removing the coin from between the lid and the bottom of the box.

My offering this time makes use of things you already have in store; yet its effect-is unlike anything you normally work with those pieces of apparatus. It also has the advantage of being colourful and somewhat uncanny.

Three handkerchiefs are tied in a chain —red, yellow and blue. They can be tied by a member of the audience if you like. The magician then puts them into a tumbler.

A tube is shown empty. (Incidentally, one of the best ways of demonstrating its emptiness is to flash a torch through it— Editor). The tumbler is then put into the tube which is held in one hand. When the other lhand fans the tube or waves a wand over it the yellow handkerchief is seen working its way out slowly from the bottom of the tube to fall on the floor. When the tumbler is taken out it is seen to contain only the red and blue handkerchiefs which are free.

METHOD.—The tumbler can be dismissed as soon as we know it is the well-known mirror tumbler. The tube is the well-known ghost-tube. The handkerchief that comes out of the tube has a black thread tied to one corner. At the other end of the thread is a black pin. Load the hank into the secret part of the tube, placing the tied corner in first. The length of the black thread must be found by experiment. If you step on the black pin and slowly elevate the tube, the hank should escape in ihe required manner.

To perform, have the loaded tube on the table. The mirror tumbler has its back-half loaded with the blue and red hanks. The other three (red, yellow and blue) are on the table, or they can be produced magically.


Show the three silks and tie them up, the yellow one in the centre of the chain. Load them in the front part of the mirror tumbler. Take up the tube and show it empty by pointing the wide end at the audience. Then place the tumbler into this end which it should fit comfortably, leaving only a rim in view. Step on the black pin which should rest on the floor when you hold the tube about waist high. With the other hand you wave a wand over the tube, or fan it with a fan.

Slowly elevate the hand holding the tube and the yellow silk will now spookily show itself and slowly work its way out until it falls on the floor. In taking out the tumbler, be careful to have the part containing the blue and red silks to the front. You take them out and so prove conclusively that the yellow silk has magically escaped.

(Veneri Rattle Box continued from Page 227)

It goes without saying that the boy would again fail in the trick, and Lhat the conjurer would succeed wih the box previously used by the boy.

Personally, I have never performed the routine above outlined, but in the ab'e hands of Ernando Veneri—and thanks to his brilliant showmanship.—it produced an excellent effect, especially at entertainments given for children.

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