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FOUR LITTLE BEANS, a comedy trick, described in detail by John Ramsay, 5/-. This booklet, which has been edited with notes by Victor Farelli, is a model of what instruction should be for magicians. It begins with a foreword which tells of the author's approach to the trick. It thus arrests us from the word go. Next comes an outline of the effect. There is no overwriting here as so often happens when the authors suffer from an overweening vanity. Then there is a page of "Requirements," set out without vagueness.

The actual routine covers ten pages and has 12 designs so placed in the reading matter that only a complete nit-wit could go wrong. The drawings themselves are simple and direct so that nobody need puzz'e as he looks at them.

Finally, the Editor provides an Afterword in which he suggests variations, including an idea whereby this trick, which at first sight seems to be essentially for close-up work, can be made into a stage show.

Stated briefly, the effect is that the performer opens a small bottle and pours four beans on the table. He picks them up and lays them on the pa'm of his left hand. With his right hand, he places one bean behind the lobe of each ear. The two beans that remain are put, separately, into the performer's eyes. After suitable byplay the four beans appear one by one between his lips and are then allowed to fall, separately, into his hand. They are then thrown on the table, showing that four beans only have been used. Final'y, they are picked up and dropped into the bottl.e.

The trick was performed with great success on Television at the I.B.M. Convention at Hastings. It cannot fail to mystify and charm if would-be performers will give John Ramsay's booklet the attention it so richly deserves

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