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The performer shows that his hands are empty then he closes the fingers of the right hand as though holding the coin. The arm is bent upwards and brought down again. As the fingers touch the spectator's knuckles, say:

Repeat the arm bending movement as above and say:

Repeat the arm bending movement, but this time as the hand reaches a point above the head, gather up the sixpence from the centre of the head and immediately bring the hand down to touch the spectator's palm as you say:


The sixpence is allowed to fall on to the spectator's palm, which should by this time be fully open.

"There is the sixpence returned iust like s bad penny, if you will excuse me metting mv mixaphors."

Return the coin to the owner.

re "THE SMOKING SAILOR" effect which appeared in No. 1 issue of Magic Magazine. We are advised by our friend, Norman Harvey, that the necessary strips can be purchased on cards from Woolworths. Split them lengthways into three, and use RED PACKET cigarette papers (Rizla are fine) as these are impregnated.

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