The career of this month's cover personality was summed up very adequately in the words of Emlyn Griffiths, London's foremost cabaret agent, who said "The rapidity with which this girl has shot to the top in her chosen profession is nothing short of phenomenal". As you are reading this paragraph she will be holding forth in the Savoy Hotel Cabaret. This is a top cabaret spot known to artistes the world over, and you cannot aspire further.

June actually took up magic, did an act for a year, dropped it and then restarted again. In her native Ireiand at a very early age she did a magic act with all the props in varying shades of blue . . . her favourite colour. Joining with Reg Lindo (brother of Olga Lindo the West End actress) she pursued a career as a singer and dancer for a time. From that she acted in repertory, and had the unique distinction of having a play written for her by Ruddick Miller, the Irish dramatist. This was called "The Landgirl" and it ran in the Ulster Group Theatre for a very successful season. Arriving in London she started working as a fashion model and finally got married and became assistant to her magician husband. The ever present cry of producers for glamour caused her to resurrect her magic act, and with a new presentation, that act has carried her all over the Continent and to the United States of America.

Adaptability has been the partial success factor. Her appearances range from the West End's lush "Allegro Room" in Quaglino's, where she had to hold a smart sophisticated audience with 25 minutes of magic, to the Casino delle Rose in Rome, where she had to do a fast ten minute cabaret act to an Italian audience with people all round her. Ever Publicity conscious, she has obtained more national press space and more front cover pictures than any magician since the days of Houdini. For this alone the magic world owes her a debt in that she has made many members of the public more magic conscious.

Two years ago Ex- King Peter of Yugoslavia heard of her prowess when she was playing Ciro's. He asked for a personal demonstration. When June expressed the view that "it will be a bit dead without an audience"; he set about getting one. She finally performed at a special cocktail party arranged to provide her with an audience. George and Alfred Black, Beverley Baxter and a bevy of Duchesses and titled guests !


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