Jon Gresham

A. V. Way. (Health Official) P.O. Box 1319 Salisbury, Belvedere Airport, S. Rhodesia. 10th, October, 1952

Dear Max,

I must compliment you on the high standard of our Magazine, which is being delivered regularly on the 29th of the month.

Each magazine seems to show a slight Improvement on its predecessor, the adverts, being checked first on the hopes of something new, then the rest of the matter being read with the greatest of interest, with regret when last page is read, and the long wait for the next edition begins.

Although I have not been able to obtain the photos you requested, I shall try to do so in the near future, as a matter of fact, I gave a show at a native compound last week, the works chemist of the firm whose compound it was, agreed to take the pictures. The show was given inside the native beerhall, but the chemist apologised to me after the show was concluded, with the excuse that he had got so interested in the performance, that he had completely forgotten to take the required photos. He had taken one just as I was about to start the show, he made a few attempts outside when the natives crowded round me to beg me to show them just a little more of the white man's "MAGIC". I did get an offer of two cows and a goat, for the £1 note machine, AFTER demonstrating its miraculous powers! Prior to the demonstration I could not get a bid. The Rarebit Saucepan is a real winner, and it takes a few minutes for the hubbub to die down after the finale. The ffower basket makes a grand opener, but the Nigs expect to see a cake materialise. At the next show I shall try the latex eggs if I can devise the means to fake the basket and get them to face the right way. Flowers leave them cold, except that it amazes them at the appearance. Food is most appreciated by them, as they think that magic used to produce flowers is a sheer waste, and most unsatisfying.

I am greatly looking forward to calling in on you next year to get stocked up afresh, with similar stuff, such as the Rice Bowls. The Snuff Box goes over in a big way, with any audience.

All the very best to you, and success in your hunt for new illusions.

Yours sincerely,

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