Johnny Ceddes Gives Away A Tested Laughter Maker

So you want a new gag, do you? Something to pop into the middle of your act that will make the audience CERTAIN that you are the world's worst wizard. Well, here you are. I have used it for twelve months and have never failed to turn the big laugh on myself.

You will require four pieces of wood size 5i" x 4". These should be joined together to form a bottomless box. There is no necessity to put real hinges on them; merely do it with Masking Tape, as this helps the gag along. The "box" is painted two sides red, and two sides green.

Place a large yellow silk into your right pocket (trousers).

Start off by showing this "wonderful" box, stating that this side is green (show them), and simply by turning the box round you now have a red box (turn it and show them). Emphasise that it has no top and no bottom and that therefore it is impossible to hide anything. Gag away about the red and green sides, finally telling them that this has nothing what-so-ever to do with the trick, but you are merely telling them in case they interested. Besides, it wastes a bit of time. Tell them this in fact . . . you'd be surprised at the hearty reception it gets!

Now announce that you are about to produce a large yellow silk.

Place your hand through the box and out at the bottom and turn left side to the audience. Your hand is right through the box. Dip your hand into the pocket containing the yellow silk, bring it out and through the box. Step forward. Ta-rarara! Now one side of the audience are laughing their heads off. The other half don't know what it is all about, as you appear to have performed a miracle in producing a silk from space. So you offer to do it again. This time, turn your right side to the audience, and dip your left arm through the box and info the left trousers pocket. Feel about for a silk, and merely bring out your pocket exclaiming . . . "Blimey . . .forgot to put one in !"

Step back face to audience and pick up your wand with your hand still through the box. Hold the wand, so that it is lying horizontal with the box. Try to bring your hand back through the box still holding the wand. This is impossible. Your antics in trying to get the box off will bring the house down. It is up to you to play this up as long as you dare. Finally, you tear the box apart to get your hand off, or rather out, and the pieces go flying all over the place. You will now see why the four pieces of wood are hinged with masking tape.

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At the Prizegiving Henk Vermeyden announced the names of the winners.

1st Prize—Best all round act HEIDRI & LISETTE. 1st Prize—Manipulation—VAN DOMMELEN 1st Prize—Presentation—EADE SHUIS 1st Prize—Children's Show—HEIDRI 1st Prize—Close-up Magic PAUL SLUITER

The Soiree Fantastique in the Evening was a perfect show, slick, streamlined and beautifully presented. Altogether we had a wonderful time, and must thank our Dutch hosts, particularly Cas, and Helen Ziekman, who took me around—including visits to Night Clubs, and entertained me in Amsterdam before my return to England.

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