John Hayward

Jim Hayward and his wife sat in their Gloucestershire bungalow quietly watching the Television. In a few minutes "Hey Presto" would be telecast and in this half hour of Magic the B.B.C. was featuring their son John. The titles over came the entrance of the Compere, Billy McComb. After a priceless gag the laughing audience heard him announce "Ladies and Gentlemen, 1 have known the next artiste since he was a young boy, I have watched his career with interest, I have seen him take many prizes for his Magic, and tonight it gives me great pleasure to present to you, one of England's finest Card Manipulators — JOHN HAYWARD". The Camera swung to a velvet draped stage and "Magic in Waltz Time" was on the Air.

A young, smiling, graceful figure, clad in Turkish costume, strode confidently to the centre, a white silk trailing from his hand. Throwing his bare arms open in oriental greeting he released the silk which flew birdlike to vanish from the stage making, according to many well known Magicians, "one of the most impressive entrances they had ever seen". Then followed an exquisite act of svelte card magic given by a performer of polish and precision, who's cool, delightful, fascinating, laughing personality charmed the watching millions. Came the end—the applause of the studio audience and later the genial remark of the Producer, Barry Edgar, "Johnny, that was bang on!"

Dad gave an appreciative cough. Well! that was something for us all to be proud of, I wonder what the chaps at the Works will say tomorrow.

All over England they clustered in little groups discussing it—in factories, stations, banks and business. Report after report came in showing the impact on the layman, for, gone were the cloaks and dress clothes, he had seen Magic of the Hands at its best with, except a small bolero, a body bare to the waist. His preconceived suspicions and ideas were shattered.

How did "Magic in Waltz Time" come into being with its challenge? Originally known as the "Magic of Youth" until the title was copied, it started when a small boy entertained with Card Fans an isolated, dangerously wounded soldier in the last World War. John Hayward had given his first show. Six months later he appeared a Continued on Page 34

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