All appropriately made in Red, White and Blue.

All these items illustrated and described in April Issue.

PRODUCTION GARLANDS. Six beautiful 6" Paper Balls, self opening type, on long tape each 8/6

PRODUCTION COILS. 6" diam. These are Hat Coils each 2/-

MOUTH, COILS. Several colour changes in each doz. 2/6

THROWOUT COILS. Ideal for start of production routine. They emit a number of the self opening streamers when thrown, making a grand show doz. 7/6

"BLENDO" 3 large R.W.B. Silks visibly change to an 18" square Union Jack. Self Working 30/-

FLOWER SURPRISE. R.W.B. Colour changing Buttonhole 18/6

20th CENTURY SILKS. Three small R.W.B. Silks vanish and appear transformed into a Union Jack, between two previously tied 18" squares. Very Pretty 36/-

FLAG SPRAYS. Three interlocking tiers of flags containing dozens of silk flags of all nations. Very showy. Suitable for prod, boxes or body loads. Featherweight and neat when packed 126/-

"GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" 24" Silk in Red, White and Blue 17/6

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