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"3, JCaaui yxuvt SJhoughib"

by ROXY - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Here is a variation of a nice card trick contributed by Rupert Gilbert, in the January, 1954, issue of this magazine. The trick I am about to describe may be new to readers of this magazine, the principle being the same as described (the first effect) under the heading . "A Couple for the Card Table".

How it is done : Perhaps you can use the short card at 17th position from the bottom (36th from the top) or you can dispense it, by holding the pack in left hand, little finger above the 17th card separating the pack in two heaps (17 and 35 cards).

Display the pack fanwise and let someone remove one card and after being noted and shown to the others, except to the worker, return it to the pack. Of course the selected card is returned to the fop of the 17th card (bottom heap), and then the pack assembled. Should the spectator's card be removed from the bottom heap, one card must be secretly transferred to the bottom in order to complete the amount of cards in the bottom heap.

Next start dealing cards from the top of the pack, left- face down, right face up and so on alternately until the pack is divded into two 26 cards heaps, one face down, the other face up. Ask spectator if he saw his card amongst the face up dealt cards. Of course he denies this: "I'll try again", says the performer.

Discard the 26 face up cards and start a new dealing procedure in the same way as above. Again, spectator on being asked if he saw his card, replies negatively.

Discard the 13 face up cards, and holding the remaining 13 face down cards say: "Well, since you haven't discovered your card, either amongst the first group of 26 face up cards, or amongst the second group of 13 cards. I will now try to do it for you".

At this point you proceed as follows: (2 methods) (a) place the heap behind your back, pretend to be looking for the card by "sensitive fingers influence" and finally bring one card to the front, back outwards. After the card is named, performer turns it and shows it to be the very same spectator's choice.

(b) "Since your card", says the performer, "has not appeared amongst the two groups dealt out, it is obvious that it will be discovered amongst this heap of 13 cards I am actually holding".

"Please have a look at the cards as I run them face up in front of you, but don't tell me which it wasj merely confirm the fact when you have seen and satisfied yourself that your card is amongst this heap".

Run the cards, and in so doing, you note the 9th card from the top (the selected one). Next hand the package to the spectator to shuffle and return. Run through the cards, facing you, and as you know if, it is an easy matter to withdraw it and show it to be the very same selected card.

Before finishing I wish to explain the mathematical point of this effect.

(1) At the start, when the card is replaced, it is the 35th from the top. (2) After the first deal the selected card assumes position 9th from the top. (3) On the third deal the selected card again will be the 9th from the top. Here you stop dealing and go on with the working as above. In the Rupert working five deals are used. So on the 4th deal, the selected card is the 3rd. from the top. On the 5th deal the card is again 3rd. from the top.

Finally there remains two cards, the selected one being the top (first) card.

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