mq rabbit will come to no harm. The two turn buttons shown are used to keep the large flaps in place until required, and the whole tray may then be leaned against a chair ready for use, or, as stated, be brought on by an assistant.

A special mention, before I close, of Mrs. FRED WILLIS. Such is her enthusiasm for the "VAMPIRE" meetings that, although only out of hospital that day—after an operation, she duly attended the evening meeting.

I am really sorry to have to sign off until the Autumn, so, here's wishing you happy holidays and lots of sunshine until we meet again in October.

All the best,

Immediately the tray has been placed across the backs of two chairs, the two turn buttons are released, and the rabbit and the pressure of the elastic will cause the two flaps to fly upright. The two ends are brought up to meet the flaps, fixed in place and the rabbit produced.

Quite obviously, the face of the tray should be decorated in a pattern to mask as far as possible the four flaps and such a design should not be found difficult.



Spelling tricks with cards will perhaps never lose their popularity with audiences because of the element of novelty. Therefore, if you feel sick of reading about them and don't include one at all in your card programme, don't turn to another page just yet. Here is a version which might appeal to you if you can just look at it from the point of view of an audience.

The magician deals on to a table five facedown heaps of five cards each. He says that he is going to give an illustration of the triumph of mind over matter. First of all, the mind has to be brought into play. He asks a spectator to think of one of the five piles. He is not to indicate to anyone which pile he has mentally selected. The performer now turns his back and asks the spectator to pick up the pile he has mentally selected. He is to look at the faces of the five cards and mentally select one of them.

When he is satisfied that his choice has been absolutely free at every step, he indicates to another spectator which the chosen card is. (This is to prevent clever johnnies from cheating). No-one but these two spectators can possibly know the identity of the chosen card. The spectator then replaces the pile on the table making sure that the cards are aligned so that the magician cannot tell which pile has been picked up.

The magician now turns round, gathers all the cards into a heap and hands them straight away to a spectator to shuffle. When they have been shuffled they are replaced on top of the pack, face-down. The performer points out that the mind has now played its part. Subconsciously matter has been playing its part, too, in tune with mind. Without any fuss the magician takes the bunch of twenty-five cards off the top of the pack and starts to deal, telling the spectator to "spell" his card mentally, one letter for each card dealt. He is to call "stop" when all the letters have been spelt. When the spectator calls "Stop" the last card dealt is turned over and proves to be the mentally selected card.

Mark these points . No sleight-of-hand required; no glimpses; no confederates; no roughs, smooths, strippers, etc.; the cards are genuinely shuffled by the spectator and the performer doesn't as much as cut them. The performer genuinely does not know the identity of the chosen card until it is finally turned up. There are no mis-spellings ... e.g. F—i—v—e d—i—m—o—n—d like there are in some routines. The spectator does his own spelling silently. The performer does not even know from which pile the card is selected !

Now all that adds up to something and most of the points are ones the audience will be quick to note. There can be few cleaner ways of performing an effect of this sort.

The secret depends on the use of duplicate cards and one double-facer. You need five sets of cards each comprising: 2C, AH, 4S, 8H, 5D. Also required is a deck of cards with backs to match the duplicate sets. In other words, one complete pack, plus five sets of the duplicates. Also required is a double-facer having the same card on each face, We shall assume that this is made by glueing two Jokers back to back.

To set-up the pack you are going to use for the effect, deal the following cards face-down on the table:

11 indifferent cards; 5D, 8H, 4S, AH, 2C . . . nine indifferent cards. If you have done this correctly you will have a face-down packet of 25 cards with the 2C tenth from the top. Put the double-facer on the bottom. Now on top of this packet place five 5D's, five 8H's and so on until your five sets of duplicates have been placed one set at a time on top of the pack. Position now is: 5 sets (25 cards in all) 9 indifferent cards, 2C, etc. (5 cards in order); 11 indifferent cards, double-facer.

The remainder of the indifferent cards are placed in a pile face-up on the table with a genuine Joker on the face. These are concealed beneath a silk or behind a book, etc.

If you now deal the cards from the top of the pack as if you were dealing five hands of five cards each . . .

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and so on each packet of five will contain five different cards. Whichever piles the spectator picks up, therefore, he is sure to have before him only the five force cards.


From what I can gather, routines are much more popular with "Magic Magazine" readers, the reason probably being that all magicians are not woodworkers and painters and therefore a routine is much easier to make up.

Here then is a routine which should be simple to make up and if you don't want to go to the trouble of making the cut-outs you can use large cards with the required word on each. Personally I have the wooden cut-outs as described, but let's get on with the routine and it is up to you to sort yourself out!

This is merely a new dressing fop the rope and rings and I make no apology for such, for I have found that the effect always goes over with each and every dressing so far used.

The story is of a girl who went out to buy some fruit and how she managed to carry it. Required, of course, are a couple of cords, and, in this case, one of those very large pencils which can be obtained at any stationer's shop.

Now to the extras which you will have to make up one way or the other. A large, brightly coloured Banana, a lovely red Apple, a nice orange Orange (!), a bright yellow Lemon, a green Pear, and finally a nice creamy coloured Cauliflower. Either you will already have, or you must make, a stand to hold these items. All the 'fruits', are, as you will have guessed coloured cut-outs, and each has a small loop attached to it, for hanging up purposes. Lastly a silk square, about 24 inches, will do.

The set-up. Have the products, the fruit, that is, stood up on the stand, with the silk draped over them. If you are making a stand for this effect you can have painted across the top the words "Fruit Bazaar".

Commencing the story you relate how the girl was sent out to buy some and also to buy a couple of clothes lines. Get two girls up to assist you. The ropes, you say, were the first things she bought and she ticked that item off her list. Pick


Proceed with the trick as described until you get to the stage where he has picked up all five packets and is shuffling them. When this stage is reached, openly turn face-up the cards left in your hand. This will bring the double-facer to the top of the pack. When the packet of 25 cards is handed back to you after shuffling drop it facedown on top of the face-up pack. Whilst pattering about mind and matter secretly reverse the whole pack. This brings the set-up cards to the top.

When you are ready to do the spelling, fan the pack slightly and cut off all the cards above the Joker . . . these are the 25 set-up cards. Place the face-up cards to one side and do the spelling with the 25 set-up cards. This looks quite natural ... they have seen the 25 placed on top of a face-up section which has the Joker at the face; they see

25 cards taken off the top of a face-up section with a Joker at its face . . . nothing could be more fair.

The spelling works automatically whichever card they selected provided that they spell out the value, then "of" then the suit with an "s" at the end . . . e.g. Two of Clubs ... 10 letters. It is an easy matter to switch the half you have just placed down (the one with the double-facer at the face) for the half pack concealed under the silk. This can be done off-beat. When added to the half used for the spelling a complete and genuine pack is assembled and you can proceed with any normal tricks.

Don't be afraid of the fact that you have to do this switch at the end. You can do it whilst you are talking about the impossibility of your knowing what card he selected. The audience think it is in the face-down pile on the table . . . they won't care what you do with the face-up pile.

up the large pencil and pretend to tick something off an imaginary list. Use a card or a small piece of paper if you like.

Next she went off to the fruit bazaar, from where her mother had asked her to get the fruit and vegetables. Remove the silk and display the Bazaar, complete with the fruit, etc. Suddenly she realised that she had forgotten her carrier bag, but decided that she could tie her purchases to the rope. Give the two ends of the ropes to each girl assisting.

Take the pencil and tie the ropes around it as you do in the familiar rope and rings. Ask one girl which fruit she would like on her end of the rope, and assuming she says the apple, you take the lemon and thread that on, using the loop mentioned above.

You will find that you can get plenty of gags or cracks about the fruit and vegetable as each is chosen. Suppose the girl choses orange, ask her if she wants a pound or half a pound. If she chooses the green pear, say that it will match her hair, and when the cauliflower is chosen, as eventually it will be say "Ah, to match my cauliflower ears". Many gags will come to you and the more often you present this routine, the more gags you will come by.

When all the fruit has been suspended, you continue that, in order to make sure that the fruit did not fall off, the little girl tied them on the rope, saying which you take the two ends of the ropes and tie them exactly as in the usual routine, handing back the ends to the two assistants.

Only when the girl got home did she realise that she was well and truly in trouble, for she could not untie the ropes, and being new clothes lines, naturally her mother did not want to cut the ropes. Just then a very famous magician was passing and his name happened to be Johnny Geddes (plug) and her mother asked him if he could help her. (Normally, I should say it will be best for you to use your own name, though you can, if you like, use mine, I shalln't mind).

Well, Johnny Geddes had a good look at the situation and decided that here was a very simple matter. He asked the mother and the girl to hold their shopping basket under the fruit and here is a perfect excuse for you to get two more children up to help you. Hand them the large silk, asking them to hold a couple of corners each. 1 have found that the best position here is for the two helpers to sit down on the floor, facing each other and, of course underneath the ropes. Get them to cross their legs and then they can hold the silk up to catch the fruit as it falls.

"Now these two children represent the mother and the daughter". Look at one of the children and say "Hullo, Mum, how goes it?" This always gets an excellent reception. Back to this famous magican. He first of all pulled out the pencil and laid it aside and before you could say "Have a banana, apple, orange, lemon or cauliflower", the whole lot had dropped right off the ropes and safely into the carrier bag held underneath. And that was how Mum and Mary got out of that difficulty and the clothes lines didn't have to be cut or untied".

Well that's it, and you can hand all the applause over to the multitude that you had on the platform to help you to waste a bit of time in your one hour show.

We have been informed by Johnny Howes (Hon. Sec.) that the newly-formed LONDON VENTRILOQUISTS' SOCIETY, which is affiliated to the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists is now holding regular meetings. Its members, whether pro., sem-pro. or amateur, enjoy their common interest at this Vent, rendezvous: the only one of its kind in Great Britain.

An extensive programme has been arranged for the forthcoming season, with talks and demonstrations on all aspects of the art.

On Wednesday, 9th. May, an "Open Nigfit" was held at the "Queen's Head", 93, Marylebone High Street, N.W.I., the theme being Ventriloquism for Beginners.

Alexandra Hotel, Great Horton Road, Bradford.

Dear Max,

If you could spare the space 1 would be grateful of a note to the effect that I am back to my old position as Head Porter at the above after three years in Lincoln and would like to meet any local Magi and all the old Magic Circle members of which Society I was President and one of the founder members in Bradford. Had the pleasure of meeting Arnold Furst this week, who is visiting England. Very interesting and charming personality.

Yours faithfully,

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