A. Practice. There is nothing really difficult in the above manipulations, but smoothness in execution is essential, and that can be acquired only by practice. The entire series of movements (paras. 2 to 11) can be performed, without undue haste, in about five seconds.

B. Misdirection. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I had better add that suitable misdirection must be used at the proper rime. Here is a simple idea that may be turned to account in other tricks. As you square up the pack (Figure 1), look very intently at some person—preferably a lady— seated near some man who has (we shail assume) drawn a card, and inquire: ,fMadam, did you, by any chance, catch sight of the card selected?" This will, infallibly, draw the

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dn o-p en iette^ ta Sleémt Sianbm

Dear Bob,

Things are status quo in the States. Since Holden's closed their N. Y. Branch, everyone goes to Lou Tannens, to swap lies and moves.

You can always tell who is working by watching what the other magicians are stealing. Afrer seeing 3 or 4 acts stealing watches and not completing the tricks they set out to do, with the remark "This is one trick I'd like to be able to do" I knew immediately that Ballaniine must be in town and either Giovanni or Dominique must be playing somewhere. Sure enough, Ballantine, is at the Parmount, the big picture house here, and Dominique is playing the Copacabana, which is the big Night Club here.

Dropped in to see Ballantine back stage and saw him typing furiously. I asked "How come?" Sfili typing furiously he remarked: "I'm tired of seeing the same magic faces out in the audience, show after show, and so I am making transcriptions of my act, to hand out to the magicians, and save them a lot of time and work". While I think chis is very funny, it is also very tragic, in a sense, as i" gives no incentive to the inventive mind cr the performer.

Cardini is the greatest example of how the magicians can ruin a great act. The reports I have heard about the Philadelphia Convention, were thai- it was a flop, strictly because 9/10ths of the acts tried to do Cardini, and failed miserably.

What has happened to Maurice Fogel ? Peop'.e here are still talking about the sensation he created over here. And he sure puzzled the guys with the stuff that he did. All of them remarked: "If this isn't real mind reading, it will do, until mind reading comes along "

If you run inro him, ask him to drop me a fine.

But enough of the news. What I'm sure you are interested in is my latest abomination. This new trick of mine is really colossal, sensational, and even terrific ... all right, so it stinks . . . But you might like it, so I'll describe it, and then explain it

The performer shows tray, approximately 15x18 inches that is, with 4 tall glasses on

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