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Phi* Wye followed with a good demonstration of the Six Card Repeat, Cut and Restored Rope, and Egg Bag. He finished with card manipulation of excellent standard.

Norman Harvey obliged with more ropes and knots and a ball sliding on string which I believe is his own improvement on the old classic as it not only descends but rises on command. An unusual manipulation of two billiard balls which ran one on top of the other between two billiard cues, must have needed a very steady hand.

Victor Earle then gave us some good laughs with the egg bag and his pet hen boasting the name of Martha.

Donald Cooper opened with—yes, yet another rope. This was, however, a humorous introduction as when cut he had no intention of restoring it. He obliged with a good card mental effect and concluded with a rabbit production only the rabbit turned out to be a rather troublesome rat.

Royston Hodge gave what I thought was an extremely well-rehearsed show ranging through silks, Chinese sticks, cards and billiard balls.

Tom Fish was equally confident and obviously well-rehearsed . He gave an excellent display of cigarette manipulation followed by card-to-cigarette, rising cards and a £1 note to selected card effect. The evening's entertainment was concluded in fine style by Anthony Spicer and his charming assistant Barbara. A quick-fire and comprehensive act of which I thought the high spots were a demonstration as to how cigarette smoke can be treated as a liquid poured from glass to glass and, finally, to all appearances, drunk as a palarable refresher. Anthony and Barbara finished with a fine presentation of Lenz' Octave of Flowers, where examined pieces of cotton wool become imbrued with any perfume called for. Indeed a winner.

So ended another fine evening at the Vampire Club which was so good that it ran to a later hour than usual. All concerned deserved high praise.

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