Generally speaking the public is charmed by magic. It is a true fact however that the interest of laymen will be considerably elevated when the most ordinary objects are used for the purpose of magical entertainment. One of these objects is no doubt the cigarette and it is perhaps for that reason that cigarette-magic has become so popular in all parts of the world. Notwithstanding the fact that no smartly decorated apparatus is used this kind of magic is very attractive and fascinating.

This branch of the magic art all depends on personal ability, viz. the quickness of the fingers, the mysterious play of the hands and the perfect execution of the sleights, to which admirers, students, and even professionals look with great delight.

Unfortunately, too many beginners only keep to watching, the painstaking practice being an obstacle for them to occupy themselves intensively with the routine of manipulations. However all manipulations are based on the principle of logical simplicity.

On the following pages various sleights are described comprehensively and the serious reader will find that in connection with the plainly executed illustrations, there will be little difficulty in mastering them, and consequently to become a talented cigarette-manipulator.

The described manipulations have been divided into three sections. viz. cigarette production, sleights by which the spectator believes that the hands are empty, and envanishment of cigarettes.

No doubt it would be worth while mastering all sleights, but doing some of each division properly, and well connected, is quite satisfactory. Students have to practise until the sleights fully imitate the genuine movements and therefore profound and regular rehearsals remain essential.

Never forget that each manipulation, however simple it may seem, has to be done with concentration and practice. Only then will the manipulator meet with the success he deserves.

NOTE.—This series is a translation from the original book in Dutch, and this is the first time it has ever been printed in English.

We are jumping the continuity at this point to give you a foretaste of some of the very interesting material which will eventually be presented to you.


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