Inside Of Tray




the whole lot clatter on to the floor.. Whip off the hank and make faces through the bottom of the tray at your audience ! !

If you don't care to pick up all the bits and pieces you had on the tray, all you have to do is tie all the tins etc., to the tray. When you release the "flaps" they will swing down in mid air ! !

There it is then, and lots of clatter for you.

A DREAM COME TRUE (Continued from Page 62).

wife and myself were flown to appear before the members of Parliament in this young British Dominion.

On our return we saw the invitation, and after thinking over the matter we decided to accept. Thus it was that the prospect of what eventually proved to be a most eventful trip for us was born. At last I felt that my long cherished dream was going to be realised.

The invitation, of course, was extended to us some 12 months ahead of the scheduled date of the get-together. A registration fee of ten dollars was fixed to defray our expenses and this incidentally was the first time any registration fee had ever been charged by

Abbotts for their get-together. Within me I felt a kind of trepidation, lest the attendance would not be sufficently large to warrant the expenditure. Time alone proved how wrong I was in my fears, and it was a matter of great inner pride to have seen and met so many hundreds of magicians at Colon, many of whom travelled great distances just to meet me.

Next month I shall continue my narration and describe the highlights of my trip to the New World.

It is a wise Magi who knows more than his own kids.

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