2. The Mathematical Phenomena

This is an original stunt with me, which 1 had worked out years ago. The effect: A number of sheets of paper are distributed to the spectators. Every spectator chooses any number and does with it, what is written at the top of the paper. You can reveal all the results without asking any question.

The How : On every paper are the exact instructions for the 1089—Stunt. So automatically every spectator gets to this result. But this is not revealed. For on every sheet there are further instructions. Say the first spectator must add

121 to his result, the second must subtract 500 from his result, a third must add 7. All these further operations are very simple and there is only one further operation on each sheet. So every spectator gets to a different result. And now how you know them. The final results are so made, that you can remember them very easily. You can use your telephone number, beginning of your set-up pack of cards, your car number or anything you like. The sheets are in a certain order, the first at the top and so on. So you know in advance, that the first spectator will get to that and that result, the second to your phone number, the third to your birthday date and so on. You just write the different sheets and keep them in their order, that's all.

Just a final example for the further instruction :

"To the resulting number add please 847"

The spectator adds 1089 and 847 1089

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