Dear Mr. Andrews,

After re-reading Gyro's "Figaro" (P.258, Vol. 4. No. 10) "Magic Magazine". I thought that a great improvement could be made to enable its use on the stage and also of making the effect more astonishing.

The magi picks up a slate or blackboard, about 14" x 17" (or bigger perhaps if he wishes to use an easel but I'll leave it to the magi-s own discretion). The magi then asks his audience to call out, one at a time, single digits. The groups of digits which can vary in length, are written on the board (a recap on Gyro's version will show you what I mean) anyway when you write each group down make sure that the last digit secures of a product of 9, i.e. 9, 18, 27, 36, etc. This done and with about 12 groups of digits you proceed the same way as Cyro, i.e. get a spectator up onto the stage, ask him to think of any number in any group. Tell him to call out the numbers surrounding it in any order add them up and subtract from the nearest product of 9, e.g. 6 + 7 (13) + 9 (22) + 4 (26) plus 5 (31)—nearest product of

9 = 36, 36 —31 = 5 (I hope) and 5 is the number thought of.

This stage version has a number of advantages over Gyro's version (1) No preparation. (2) No suspecting person thinking it is faked. (3) While the number is being chosen the board has no need to be in the magi's possession. (4) All evidence of trickery can be "rubbed off" after the effect, etc.. etc.

Let me express, as Cyro did, the absolute simplicity of the effect.

Please let me know if the stage version of Figaro is published as it would arouse the spark of my interest in magic, because of late the fire has been steadily going down because (1) I am too young to join a magic club or society. (2) I can't afford to buy a lot of new tricks. (3) My library cannot obtain magic books because I'm the only person in the district who asks for them, etc. So please try and get it published.

All the best and my sincerest thanks for publishing the splendid "Magic Magazine".

Yours truly,

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