Up to the present, only a lucky few have been able to get a small supply of this fabulous material from America. Now, however, you can get it if you want it. All orders dealt with in strict rotation.

In case you are not familiar with this, the effect is that you receive a sizeable lump of putty substance. Roll it round in your hands and it is a ball. You can bounce it— and catch it again.

You can then make it into all kinds of fantastic shapes, stretch it out like chewing gum, use it as a billiard ball and for any of the new and original ideas and routines we give with each supply. At any time you just roll it between the hands into a ball again—and BOUNCE IT ! !

Creates much laughter and amusement. The Effects and ideas for using it are limitless. This is the stuff that took the American Magicians by storm. Now you can get it right away if you send your cash immediately.

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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