He then writes A, B, C and D with these four figures under the letters:—

Then he multiplies A &B and gets (1 x 5) equals 5 B and C (5 x 8) and gets 40 C and D (8 x 4) and gets 32 D and A (4 x 1) and gets 4

It will be seen that these four numbers total 81. Imagine he reads out 5, 40 and 4. The magician secretly adds these together and gets 49. He then tells the victim to concentrate on the other number (i.e. 32). The magician then subtracts the 49 from 81 and gets 32 . . . the very number the victim is thinking about!

The whole thing seems impossible, doesn't it? It is possible to find figures (e.g. 5526) where the digits add up to 18 but by applying the A. B, C business you can't arrive at a total of 81, so I suppose that you must start with a number where 9 is the centre figure and the other two figures total 9. I can't explain it, I'm not even sure that it always works, but I'm sure it will shake your skull if you think about it long enough !

CECIL, The American Magician whom we number amongst our customers sends us interesting details about his show.

Cecil's genial and jovial personality added to his Magical ability has endeared him to thousands of grown ups as well as children during his past twenty-five years of presenting the classics of magic.

During these years he has performed almost every feat of Magic, and from this wealth of experience has evolved the Classics of Magic.

However his programme is in no way antiquated. He has made an exhaustive study of the Magic Art and has familiarized himself with the new effects as they were produced and his programme is as modern as the day after tomorrow.

This romantic, colourful and amusing as well as entertaining performance carries his audi ence aboard that mythical and magical carpet to those mysterious lands of Egypt, India, and China and allows them a glimpse into the mysteries of these lands as performed by their Holy Men.

Cecil states emphatically that he possesses no supernatural powers, neither can he perform any supernatural feats. He relies solely on his skill and ability to entertain his audience. With his sly audacity and cleverness of his hands he deceives the quickness of the eye.

He is a very versatile entertainer, presenting in addition to MAGIC, Sleight of Hand, Optical Illusions, Ventroloquism, Hypnotism, Rag Pictures and Punch and Judy. As many of these mysteries are always included in his programme as time and conditions will permit. He is a Member of the I.B.M., S.A.M., International Lyceum Association.

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