Credit to Tan Hock Chuan ft

Credit to Tan Hock Chuan

Trick which has taken the whole World by storm !

The Fabulous

This trick has proved to be the biggest best seller of a life-time ! ! It's fame has spread . . . and we have sent them all over the World.

You take a Quart jug and in mid-air . . . pour the whole of the contents into a Half Pint Tumb'er. This in turn is poured into a Quarter Pint Class . . . and this finally into a Whisky Tot Class ! ! ! THE REMAINDER YOU VANISH BY DRINKING.

No tray is used No other fekes or gadgets. Can be done with people all round you. The most perfect Cabaret trick ever invented. Use any liquid you iike.

You can also work the effect in reverse, by starting with the small glassful and working up to fill the Quart Jug.

You can also take the jug . . . fill ten small whisky glasses (unprepared) . . . then take any one of them and fill the Jug again ! ! ! Sent to you in a well made wooden carrying case, partitioned inside, and with fastening clip and handle.

NOTE.—Owing to the fact that these are technica'ly difficult to produce . . . each glass is blown of fireproof glass all in one piece, our output is strictly limited. Orders taken in strict rotation, so if your "Dimin-Uendo" do2S not come by return of post, you can rest assured your order will have our urgent attention

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