Dear Lenz,

I was glad to receive Max Andrews nice Catalogue at last, also parcel of magic watches. As Max wanted a printed report that I am able to steal 12 balls and get them into position between or in the hands the delay is regretted.

I will deem it a great favour if you would ask Max to enquire through the "Magic Magazine" if there are other magicians who could do this routine. At present there is proof of only two persons who can do the above routine. Geoffrey Buckingham, the originator in tails, and myself in a lounge suit.

Should Max be kind to publish a short write up I would like it mentioned that I am capable of of doing the 12 ball routine, and the eight coloured ball routine changing the colour of one ball no less than six times. All the balls are 2". Also I do a routine with eight SOLID golf balls.

Although having had to bring in a lot of my own ideas, most of the credit goes to Geoffrey Buckingham, Lewis Ganson, Brian McCarthy and Sherman Ripley, etc.


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