Another idea of mine is a revolving servante shaped as shown in the sketch. This is fixed to the under side of the table by a small bolt, so that the flat portion is level with the back edge of the table, and no part of the servante shows. You can then safely have people up to your table to do card tricks, etc., and they will see nothing of the servante.

A good trick can be worked by secretly dropping a small article into a bottomless well in your table top, the article arriving on the blank space on the servante. The latter can then be swivelled outwards later on, with the article all ready to be produced from a hat or box.

I have found that in my production act a ribbon with letter cards stuck on to it, spelling out a message, is always popular. I have various messages, such as, "Happy Birthday", "Happy Christmas", "Happy Easter", etc. Having produced the message I then suspend it from two hooks at each corner of my table and it hangs down in a loop, and, with the letters painted in various colours, it looks very pretty.

Finally, I would like to ask if any of your readers have any ideas on how to carry ones props around, all ready set up, in a case. I find this so difficult as I have so many various shaped props.

(I think that most of us have found this difficulty in carrying props around and a scheme which suited one performer might be found to be useless for another, on account of the varying items used. Have any readers, young or old, any ideas ?—Editor).

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