only three valves, whereas in truth you have four. The routine about to be described comprises five phases, and they will be detailed in their proper sequence.

Phase 'One':—Pick the first cup and lay it on the felt, at the far end of the table. In doing so you secretly introduce as explained the extra valve you had concealed in the crotch of thumb. This cup will henceforth be referred to as number '1'. Pick up the first valve from the table and simulate action of transferring it to the left hand, the fingers of latter close as though over it. Actually you secret it in the crotch of the right thumb as before. Now squeeze the left fingers and open out hand slowly to reveal an empty interior The inference given out is that you have disintegrated the valve into vapour.

The second cup is now picked up and laid alongside the first. In doing so the hidden valve is loaded under it . This is just a repetition of the previous action. We shall call this cup number 2.

the crotch of thumb. There will be a valve under each of the cups. Now raise each of the three cups in turn and reveal the fact that you have succeeded in passing the valves under them. Fig. 8 shows the position at this stage.

Phase 'two': Pick up cup number 2 and lower it over the valve in front of it. In doing so you also introduce the one concealed in hand. This cup now covers two valves but as far as onlookers know, only one.

Pick up the valve standing in position number 1 with right hand and go through the pretended action of leaving it under the cup. Now pick up the valve at point number 3, and this time

actually place it underneath the cup. Pinch the dome of cup number 1 and suddenly bring the hidden valve to view by which you convey the impression that in some mysterious manner you extracted it through the body of the cup. Go through pretended action of transferring it to the left hand and close fingers of the latter into a loose fist. The fingers are next put into the usual squeezing action and opened out slowly to complete the evanishment. Raise cup number 2 and this time they see two instead of the one valve that was there. Now raise cup number 1 and remark "and as you will see there is now nothing here". In lowering the cup again you load in the concealed valve.

The state of affairs at this stage will be as follows. Cup number 1 will have a valve underneath of which none is aware. Two stand exposed in front of cup number 2 and one under number 3.

Phase 'three':—Tilt number 3 back with the left hand and pick the valve from under it with the right. Display this and then pretend to return it back. Raise cup number 2 with the right and merely lower it over the two valves. Pinch dome of cup 3 and bring the hidden valve to view as before and then vanish it via the left hand as usual. Raise the centre cup but surprisingly they only see 2 Feign surprise and in lowering the cup over the two load in the third as well. Raise number 1 and remark "Ah . . . here it is". Now pick up the one just uncovered and go through pretended action of placing in the mouth and blowing towards the centre cup. Raise this cup and they will now find three!

PHASE 'FOUR':—Raise number 1 and remark "Over here we have nothing". Lower on table and load in the concealed valve. Pick the first of the three in front of cup 2 and slide it into crotch of thumb as you count 1. Pick up the next and call it 2, and finally the last and count as 3. The left hand now tilts back the cup and you appear to be placing all the valves under it but

actually only 2. Raise number 3 to prove nothing under and in resetting, load in the one in thumb crotch.

Now say that you are going to do the thing invisibly. Pinch centre cup and pretend you have something in your fingers, and ask under which cup they would like it sent. As there is already one under each of the two outer cups it makes no difference which one they pick. We shall suppose the choice falls on number 1 so you raise it and reveal a valve under it. Now tilt number 2 back with the left hand to show only two left. Pick these up in the right and appear to be replacing again but this time return only 1 retaining the other

in thumb crotch. Again pinch dome of centre cup and pretend to have taken another valve and appear to pass it through the body of the 3rd cup. Raise this cup and prove its arrival. Now raise the centre cup to prove that only one remains. At this point the situation becomes exactly as shown in Fig. 8. That is to say one valve stands in front of each cup and one is concealed in the crotch of thumb.

PHASE FIVE:—Say that to enable them to appreciate the whole thing better YOU WILL USE ONLY ONE CUP. Ask someone to indicate one which you should pick and lay in the centre of table. In doing so you load in the one concealed in thumb crotch. Now pick up the three valves, singly, in the right and appear to be transferring them to the left. Actually you only place TWO there, retaining the third in the right thumb crotch. The left fingers remain closed over them and you raise the cup in the meantime and disclose one valve where previously none existed. Lower the cup over the solitary valve, and load in the one hidden in the thumb crotch as well.

The left fingers now open and the two valves in that hand are placed side by side on the table. Again the right picks these up and appears to be transferring them into the left hand. Instead of the two, only one is placed in the left. The cup is raised and this time TWO valves are found where only one was believed to be. The cup is finally lowered over the two and the third one loaded at the same time. The single valve in the left hand is placed in the pocket and someone invited to raise the cup and much to his surprise all the three are found toeether asain.

(Continued Overleaf).

Peter A. McDonald's

If you think I am going to expose Levante's masterly Trunk Transposition effect, you can think again (and if you think I know how he does it. you can think again twice!). No, it just seemed to me that since Les Levante is back in this country with "How's Tricks", doing, as ever, a great service for magic in general, it would be doing him a good turn if we enthusiasts, to whom he has

Third tof a Series of always been such a good friend, were to give him as much publicity as possible. Hence this little concoction, which makes use of a principle I have used often before, but gives an entirely new dressing to an old effect and will give you an excuse for giving "How's Tricks" a boost when you are performing locally.

Levante's Trunk Mystery

The magician borrows a hat and says that instead of doing a trick he will tell them about the Great Levante and his £1,000 Trunk Mystery. As he is talking he picks up a packet of large sized visiting-cards (or blank playing-cards). He tells how Levante's charming daughter Esme, is first of all locked in a trunk . . . just like this. So saying, he writes "Esme" in big letters on one of the visiting-cards and places it in a hat, inviting the spectators to imagine that the hat is the steel trunk used by the Great Levante.

He now explains that the Great Levante goes into the tent in which the trunk has been placed and stands so that his face is still visible through the curtains. This is illustrated by the magician, too, for he takes another visiting-card and writes "Levante" on it in bold capitals, using a different coloured pencil. He places this card in his breast-pocket, leaving the top edge in view all the time (definitely no plunging the card into the pocket and pulling another out!) "How he does it I simply can't guess", he says, "but he says that when he counts three they are to draw the curtains aside. They've hardly counted three before Levante is in the trunk and Esme is stepping out of the tent!" So saying, he reaches into the hat and withdraws the card with Levante written on it and takes out of his breast-pocket the card marked "Esme". In other words, the cards have changed places just as Levante and his daughter do.


NOTE.—This is but an abridged version of my regular extended and comprehensive routine with the Hindu cups now in the process of being released to the profession for the first time. This will comprise many action photo shots, and detailed step by step instructions, including additional routines and THREE surprise climaxes! Watch these pages closely in the near future.

Obviously this effect could be worked with specially drawn cards showing pictures of Levante and his daughter, but the subtlety of it is that it all appears quite impromptu . . . you have told them that you are only illustrating what Levante does, and they are not at all sure that you are doing a trick at all . . . and then the surprise comes at the end when the transposition has taken place. It seems to me that you will destroy the effect if you have obviously prepared for it, but that -is a matter of opinion and I leave it to you.

You will be pleased to hear that nothing is required except a packet of visiting-cards aiid the ability to perform two simple card sleights. They really are simple, too, for I have performed a similar effect in countless drawing-rooms, placing a borrowed hat on the mantel-piece to make sure that it is above eye-level. I think you will find it best if your cards are the same size as normal playing-cards. They must be cut fairly accurately so that you can handle them just like a pack of playing-cards.

As I have said, two sleights are necessary. One is simply the double-lift and turn-over. I am not going to describe this at length as most magicians will know it already. If you don't know it, the English edition of the Hugard-Braue book "Royal Road to Card Magic" has it at page 153 . . . this being the method I use. Victor Farelli wrote up a version of the double card-turnover in the Magic Magazine for December 1953, p. 246 and you can use that method if you prefer it.

The other sleight is less commonly known and it seems to have started off as a mere flourish. I cannot remember where I first saw it described but I believe it was in one of Eddie Victor's earlier books.

However, to get the idea, hold the pack face-down in the left hand just as you would if you were about to deal. Thumb one card over the side, again as if you were dealing, but curl the tip of the ¡index finger under the card and the tip of

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