and he gets to 1936 (That's my birthday year).

EDITORIAL — Continued from Page 32.

Have just received news that the old-time Fire Eater Kismet, has passed away. He was seventy four years of age, and a grand trouper, as most attendants at the I.B.M. Convention will know from his performance at Southport. R.I.P.

By the way we heard whispers on the breeze that a new and very exclusive magical society has been formed in the North of England, called "The Northern Magic Circle". It is very hush-hush at the moment, but we understand public announcements will appear shortly.

We were delighted to see returned to business earlier in April that old stalwart Vic Fabian, of Hamleys. Vic had one period away, but unfortunately returned rather too early for his strength, and was forced to retire again for a month or two to recover his health. As the oldest magical department in the country, Hamleys has a record of over one hundred and fifty years continuous magical trading, and when you come to think of it, this is no doubt a world record. Their central position in Regent Street, and their fine display of equipment make them an important port of call to all magicians, particularly from overseas, and one can seldom go in there without finding friends and others gathered in a group discussing the 'latest'.

Alan Milan has been back in this country from the U.S.A. for some months now, and many readers will no doubt recall that he ran the Milan Studio of Magic in Bradford when he was a young (and inexperienced) magician and businessman, some years after the War. Now however, he has his own show, assisted by his very attractive wife, and they are making magical history here by offering an imported genuine American Ghost Show. He has already filled a considerable number of dates here in cinemas and theatres and we sincerely hope that his original enterprise will prove successful. Incidentally he has now included his Bullet Catching trick, and if for no other reason than to enhance the billing, this is always a sensational item worth including in a show of this sort.

Before us lies the advertising leaflet of the next Dutch National Congress of Magic, to be held at HERTOGENBOSCH in July 6, 7 and 8. Anyone interested in attending one of these delightful conventions should contact: J. A. KLOMPERS, VICTORIALAAN 13, VUGHT, Holland.

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