The Comedy Magician is always intrigued with Sucker Effects and so it was my job, as a Comedy Magician, to find something to take the place of one such as the Die Box. This then gives me the excuse to pour out the effect and working of "Balmy Bananas".

Its construction is as follows. You will need two pieces of plywood or hardboard each 12" long by 5" wide. On the face of each piece you paint (if you cannot do it yourself, get an expert to do it for you) a large banana. The picture of the fruit must take up practically the whole of the board, and the only difference between the two pictures when finished must be that one banana is Yellow, and the other one Green. Another important thing. The bananas must be straight. The reason? A straight banana fits the patter used as well as the face of the plywood rectangle.

Having dealt with the faces of the two boards let us turn to the backs. On these you paint a picture of ONE SAUSAGE LINK, that is, one to each board. Next you will need two extra boards, the same size as the aforementioned but much thinner, about 1/16 of an inch. One of these is painted to match the Yellow Banana board and the other to match the Green Banana, after which the backs are painted black.

This done, a small hook is fixed to the top of each of these thin boards, so that they may be hooked over the top of the first mentioned boards, banana being face outwards. These thin boards will now be referred to as the fakes. Two base boards are required with slots in them to accommodate the boards, small slots are also at the rear to take the fakes.

Finally two rectangular tubes are made to cover the boards and on the front of each the word "SHOP" is painted. The sketches will, I hope, make everything clear.

"Would you" (as you point to Britannia) "like to have your face on some money? You would? I'd be content if I could just get my hands on some!"

"Never marry for money. It's cheaper to borrow it!"

"Money is like a man. The tighter it gets, the louder it talks!"

"There is only one business can make money without advertising. The Mint!"

"A Jew's advice to his son:—'When counting a pile of notes, never count the last one. There might be another underneath!''

As you make the creases. "Ireland should be the richest country in the World. Her capital is always Dublin!"

Finally, don't overlook the possibilities using suitable pictures, even picture postcards ! Keep an eye open for anything to which you can adopt a story of "upside-down-ness", to coin a word! Here's an idea you can quickly make up for yourself, using a suitable sized piece of paper. Sketch out an imaginary note, with any lettering you think appropriate, and in the centre draw a very large Figure Nine. You tell your spectator that the "note" has a value of nine pounds, your worldly wealth. Being desirous of "increasing" your capital you proceed with the folding and unfolding, but your schemes all go awry, for on opening out note, your capital is now shown as SIX POUNDS. Or—if you prefer it, show it in the first place as a 6 and at the conclusion as a 9, thus proving that your schemes do work—sometimes.

The possibilities are great if you will only think about it. Well, go on ! Think about it!

Yours Magically,

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