We know that this is a sensational trick if you will please learn the following and try not to change a single word of the patter. Don't try to improve it, just learn the patter as it is written, as every word has a meaning, either for misdirection or discovery of the card. Here we go. Call your party on the 'phone and say as follows.

Patter: Have you a deck of cards? Shuffle them thoroughly and place one card face down on the table in front of you. Place another card, face down, to the right of that. Place another card on the first card. Place another card to the right of it on the second card. Continue alternating the cards in this manner until you have a big bunch of cards. You may stop whenever you wish, ending on either pile. NOW PUT THE REST OF THE CARDS IN YOUR POCKET. Pick up a bunch of cards from the left hand pile, look at the bottom card of the bunch you have in your hand and place this bunch on top of the right hand pile. "'Now, let me know what the cards on the left hand pile are, starting at the top, one at a time." (As they tell you the cards, list them on a piece of paper in front of you. When they have reached the end of that pile, you say:)

41 Your card is the four of-Hey! wait a minute — your card isn't in that pile, your card is in the other pile." Put the little bunch

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