Assuming the above table hasn't frightened you off, or, what is more likely, that you have skipped it, let me say that it was only by setting out the relative numbers as above, that I discovered the simple formula. It will be noticed that a cipher appears periodically in Column "C", actually in packets containing 2, 4, 8 and 16 cards respectively. The next time, in a longer table, that the cipher appears is at 32, and it is these figures that are used as key numbers and make up the formula.

In other words, ALL YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER ARE THE FIGURES, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32. The figure 2, I think, can be safely discarded, for it can surely be assumed that the spectator will take more than three cards, if properly instructed. Thus the formula is:— 4, 8, 16, 32. When you learn from the spectator just how many cards he took in his cut, you quickly deduct the given number from the next highest in the formula, and the remainder is the number of cards to remove from the pack in order to 'illustrate' what you want him to do next. If the spectator tells you he took 12 cards, you deduct 12 from the next higher number, 16, leaving you with 4, and 4 is the number of cards you remove to illustrate the count. When next you remove 12 cards to hand to the spectator, his card will be the 8th from the top, and the Down Under deal will leave his chosen card last in his hands.

Finally, let us have a trial run through the effect. The spectator has shuffled the pack, cut off a number of cards, shuffled them, noted the face card and returned the packet to the pack. You turn round to face him.

You emphasise that you cannot possibly know his card, that he did have a perfectly free cut, etc., etc., and then you say "How many cards did you cut off, sir?" He tells you 18. (He was a little greedy, or a poor judge of a quarter of the pack!) You rapidly deduct 18 from 32, leaving you 14, and you quickly count off 14 cards from the top of the pack and illustrate the Down Under Deal.

On the word 'Down' take the top card of the packet and place it face down on the table. On the word 'Under' take the next card and place it under the packet. Continue with a few more cards until you are sure the spectator has the idea.

Place these cards aside, then ask, "How many did you take sir?". Again he tells you 18 so you count off 18 cards, without disturbing

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