"A Guide to the Successful Entertainment of Children," is the sub-title of this fine new book, and this will give you, in a nutshell, the subject matter of the text.

We cannot stress too strongly that this is not just a book of new tricks and routines, but is a complete treatise which deals exhaustively with this very important branch of our magic art. Whether you are an experienced professional, or an amateur wishing to take up this lucrative branch of entertaining, you will find laid bare for you the innermost secrets, which can only be learnt by experience, of a man who is universally acknowledged to be amongst the foremost Children's Entertainers of our day.

Wilfred Ty!e/ has demonstrated and lectured to Magical Societies all over Great Britain, and he really sets out in this book to teach you how to plan, compose, present and finish a complete Show.

The chapters deal in detail with all aspects of their subjects, and give numerous Effects, Routines and Comedy Business, etc. etc., viz.:

Chap. 1: The Opening. Chap. 2: Plots Chap. 3: Presenting Standard Effects to Children. Chap. 4: Comedy, Fun and Laughs. Chap. 5: By Play. Chap. 6: The Finale.

Illustrated with dozens of large clear drawings and photos. 106 pages, well printed and bound.

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