Mead-dress ^ Envelope (ycbjr) Double Bag:*

empty and replaced on the stand. The child is now asked to command the chosen comb to pass into its golden case and upon taking the combs from the bag, only five are found, one being missing. The child is asked to name the chosen colour and it is plainly seen that this is not one of the five remaining. Upon the performer going to the Golden case, it is taken from the stand, opened, and from it is removed the chosen comb, which is then presented to the child helper, amidst loud applause.

The above makes a nice little effect, using something which I have not seen used in magic before, namely combs, and at the conclusion the comb is given to the child, something which I do recommend, for the combs can be bought reasonably cheap, and the assistant does sort of treasure the gift. Place it in a smaller golden envelope before you make a present of it.

Apparatus required. Twelve coloured combs, two each of six colours. If you can manage it obtain an assortment, not only in colour but in size and shape, of course, two of each. These can be bought cheaply at Woolworth's stores. A sheet of gold coloured paper (obtainable at art stores). A small notebook with a thin cover. A sheet of carbon paper. The head-dress for the child. (This can be made from white rope, covered in sequins or sequin strips, or similar glitter 'jewelry'). A double cloth bag, with one compartment to close with snap fasteners, and a small stand with a faked back, to hold six combs in front and six duplicates behind. (See sketch).

The above list seems formidable but it isn't really, and if you are in need of a decent effect, well it's worth it, isn't it ? While you are about it, don't forget to get a few duplicate combs, for you give one away at every performance. If you are wise, you do, anyway.

Constructions details. Make the Golden Envelope a little higher than the stand, and make a small slit, about one inch down from the top. Make a smaller golden envelope for putting the presentation comb in.

The cloth bag is self explanatory but the sketch will help. The drawing should give some slight idea of the head-dress intended. Under the thin cover of the notebook the carbon paper is stuck so that it will mark the first page when writing on the closed book.

The stand is constructed of a size to take the largest comb you intend to use, one comb to each partition. Each comb should be just below the top edge of the stand, in an easy position for steal behind the envelope. Shorter combs can be risen by packing the divisions with paper or strips of cardboard, to bring them level with the others.

Preparation. Place six different combs in the Golden Envelope, and a duplicate of each in the partitions at the back of the stand. Place any red, green and blue ones in the centre of the stand, as these are the colours mostly chosen. Envelope is positioned on the stand. Note book, head-dress, and double bag are handy on the table, together with a large pencil and the presentation envelope.

Working and story idea. "Now Girls and Boys, about 200 years ago there lived a lovely queen in a foreign land. She reigned for many years, but when eventually she did die, she had all her treasures buried with her, in a tomb. These treasures included her combs—and here they are".

Take the combs from the envelope, and place the envelope down. As you continue the story, place the combs carefully one to each partition.

"The reason I have these combs is rather a long story, but at one time they were owned by a great great uncle of mine. It appears that the treasures were found by some explorers, and part of his share were these combs. Always being a favourite of his, he gave the combs to me, telling me that one of them was very valuable and had some mystic powers. This particular comb was the Queen's favourite one, but for some unknown reason he never told me which one it was. It may be this one—or this one—or even this".

"While I was getting ready to come here tonight, a voice kept telling me to bring them along, as I was sure to find out the mystic comb. So here I am, with all the combs and with your help"—point to a suitable girl assistant—"I am going to try to find it. Will you come forward and play the part of the queen? This was one of the Queen's treasures too, so if you will kindly wear it for a little while, we shall be sure that everything will be alright".

Place the head-dress on the girl's head and then pick up the note book and pencil. Tear ofi the first sheet of the notebook, place it on the cover and hand it to the girl, along with the pencil

"I want you to gaze at the combs and repeat the colours, all to yourself, then I want you to write down the colours of the comb which strikes your fancy, for you are the queen now. Don't tell anyone the colour you have chosen and don't let anyone see what you have written—yet. Write very large, so that we can all read it later on —have you done that ? Good. Then fold the paper up and keep hold of it. I will take the book and the pencil".

Place the book and the pencil behind the stand, and get a glimpse from the top sheet of the colour the girl has chosen. Take up the cloth bag and place the combs, one by one into one compartment, but when you come to the chosen colour .place that one in the rear compartment and close the snap fasteners. Give the bag to the girl to hold.

'Now I want you to take this wand and wave it over the bag and command the chosen comb to go over to the golden case". (The break away wand can be included here or left out as desired). "You must, however, say the magic words—Oh comb, Oh comb, Which I have chosen, Leave this bag or I'll the frozen. I command ! Go !—"

Then take the cloth bag from the girl and commence to remove the combs, counting them, and showing that there are now only five. Ask the girl to disclose the colour of the comb she chose, reading from the paper slip, and let it be seen that the chosen colour is not amongst the five. Place the combs and the bag aside and take up the Golden Envelope, at the same time taking with it, from behind the duplicate coloured comb. "Yes", you say, "there is something here" . Lift up the flap, insert the fingers and pull the comb up through the slit at the back and apparently out of the envelope. "Sure enough, we now know the colour of the valuable comb. I think you had better take the queen's comb, if you would like it".

Place it in the smaller envelope, and taking the head-dress from the girl, hand her the present and let her return to her seat, to much applause.


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