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: Magic Circle Fest vities :

The Vampire Club Night will be on Friday April 22nd

The Next and Final Meeting of the Year will be on MAY 27th.

While talking the magician clips the fake tie which is in the right pocket, to the back of his right hand. The right palm is shown and the tie produced as in the cigarette production.

As the tie is revealed in the right hand, the left hand presses against the concealed holder under the left side of the jacket, releasing one of the ties. The left hand appears to take the tie from the right hand, but actually shows the one just released from the holder, the fake tie being once more out of sight behind the right hand ready for the production of a second tie from thin air.

This procedure is repeated twice and when the last tie is produced, it is the fake tie which is dropped into the velvet.

The square is opened and the large tie revealed.

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