Replace the three tied silks into the glass, but this time place the double red one in first, leaving a tip of the blue one handy to grasp. Vanish the second silk, the green one, and then whip the silks from the glass by taking hold of the corner of the blue.

Whip the silks out smartly, and the double red silk will be turned inside out, thus reveafing the green silk tied between the yellow and the red.

LTa « Bouncing

I feel this item is too good to show as a curiosity or novelty, where it is wasted; it should be knitted into a little story and made a comptete item; an example of the type of thing I mean will be found below, but this is only a suggestion by me to start you, yourselves, thinking on the right lines.

"Good evening, fofks, I should like to show you a trick worth £500 to-night—I should like to, but instead I am going to tell you of an episode in my life, with the help of a rubber ball procured for 6d at Woolworths" (Show Bail).

"About three years ago—when I was about 17!—I went to a Masked Ball". (Cover "ball" with hand).

"There, I was approached by my manager whom I owed some money—he was a Screwball!" (Screw "ball" in between fingers).

"He offered me a drink—a Highbali!" (Throw "ball" up in the air and catch)— "Then he asked for his money. I gave him a cheque, which unfortunately Bounced!" (Bounce "Ball").


"As a result I went in for a stretch!" (Roll "bail" into a long thin strand).

"When I came out, I got a job as a sausage-maker, but found it difficult "to make both ENDS MEET (Meat)!" (Here join two ends of the strand, forming a continuous loop).

"But I managed to make some money by TWISTING A LITTLE, ON THE SIDE". (Here start twisting one end of the strand).

"As a result I managed to make some DOUGH!" (Here squeeze strand into shapeless, "doughlike" mass).

"Eventually I moved into my former SPHERE of fife (Roll into Ball), and regained all my former BOUNCE!" (Bounce "ball" and take your applause).

SEE ! For the meagre price of 7/6 you have a really good item which will take the piace of some of your expensive OLD "props". Spend a little time on working out a WORTHWHILE routine for this WORTHWHILE ITEM.

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