Improved Chapender Method

New Stock just in have been completely re-designed. Fine quality card and much improved.

From a shuffled deck, a few cards are fanned, squeezed and shown to have diminished to HALF THE SIZE ! !

They are squeezed again, and they reduce to ONE QUARTER OF THE ORIGINAL SIZE ! Each time they diminish, one card is removed from the fan and p[aced aside to show the comparative sizes. This is one of the most fascinating and popular tricks ever devised. When the cards come down to QUARTER SIZE, the audience are utterly mystified but when they in turn diminish to ONE EIGHTH and then ONE SIXTEENTH OF THEIR ORIGINAL SIZE, the audience are literally astounded. They are diminished four times, until the cards are only half-an-inch long, when finally, they VANISH COMPLETELY !

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Enneagram Essentials

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