spell the name redj the first four—to spell blue, the first five—to spell brown or green and all six of them—to spell orange or yellow.

The arrangement of the letters on these cards is shown in the accompanying diagram. Three of them have to be written in such a way that they can be used as two different letters (which is also the reason for the cards being square). The letter on the front of the second card, for example, can be either b (in blue or brown) or g (in green or orange); that on "the back of the third can be e (in blue, green, or orange) or w (in brown or yellow) and that on the front of the fourth card can be u (in blue) or n (in brown, green and orange). Fortunately none of these appear together in any of the names (so that the e in yellow can be the normal letter on the back of the second card) although the second e in green must match the first (so that the letter on the back of the fifth card must be the same as that on the back of the third).

The main problem in the presentation of this effect is to remove the cards in the correct order and with the correct side facing the audience. To facilitate this the correct letters can be written in the top corner of each side of the envelope in coloured ink. Thus—on one side of the envelope containing the third card there will be d in red, and on the other side there will be e in blue, in green and in orange, and a w in brown or yellow. Those markings, of course, must not be visible to the audience. If you can manage without them, or use a secret method of marking, the envelopes can be handed to a member of the audience to show that they do not contain any extra cards. The letters on the front sides of these cards are the ones which are shown to the audience at the beginning of the effect.

The letters on the eight other cards ought to be e, e, g, I, I, n, w and y. But, to avoid embarrassment when the spectators who have examined the first two of these see that a different kind of letter e is used for the spelling if the chosen colour is blue, green or orange, it is advisable to use duplicates of two of the other letters on these cards, or to do without them altogether and perform the effect with twelve cards instead of fourteen.

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